Social Photo Contests

Out of the box tools to launch engaging UGC social contests
& brand campaigns.

Help Fans Participate in Brand Campaigns
Run dynamic omni-channel campaigns that attract and engage customers without developer resources.
  • Out-of-box Displays
    Empower Marketers

    Take advantage of dozens of templates, voting & sharing functionality, and other social contests & campaign tools.

  • Increase Engagement With More Personal Interactions

    Celebrate real customer stories in your marketing and make it easy for fans to participate in your brand conversation.

  • Create Custom UGC Activations with RESTfull API

    Take UGC to the next level and create completely custom brand experiences. Our restful API enables rapid development and marketing creativity through customer stories.

  • Direct Uploader & Email Collection enrich CRM

    Out-of-Box uploader helps brands collect content directly from fans
    and grow email database.

  • Manage Cross Channels Campaigns

    Customer photos are omni-channel assets. Marketers use Pixlee to collect, curate, publish, and measure the success of photo contests and campaigns across all your customer touchpoints.

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