Find customer photos and videos in real-time from across social media

Enable fans to submit content directly from mobile, web, and email

Build email database and enrich CRM with photo submissions through email

Curate & Manage

Moderate user-generated content to stay on brand on web and mobile

Use filters and image recognition technology to automate spam removal and find top content quickly

Identify and tag products in photos with Pixlee's pre-built eCommerce integrations


Manage multiple social accounts simultaneously for different brands or markets

Obtain photo permission rights from customers across the world with Pixlee's language support and preset templates

Protect brand experience by ensuring no unapproved content goes live


Publish customer photos across all marketing channels for a superior omni-channel marketing

Optimize user-generated content performance with Dynamic Display technology and built-in A/B testing

Create Shoppable Social Galleries in under 30 minutes

Create custom displays and innovate user-generated content strategy with Full API

Update content on website, mobile apps, and shoppable Instagram with no developer resources


Measure the direct ROI of using customer photos and videos across marketing channels

Track the amount Pixlee lifts conversion and average order value with Commerce Metrics

Monitor to the visual conversation about your brand on social media with Social Analytics

Assess brand engagement on social and owned digital channels with Campaign Management Tools


Discover brand advocates and social influencers who evangelize your brand online

Create 1:1 relationships with your most passionate customers

Enrich your CRM with valuable customer data and insights

Manage and measure the direct ROI of influencer marketing programs

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