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Review Syndication for Retailers

Display product reviews collected and shared by your brand partners.
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Product reviews - especially in the first 10-20 - have a significant impact on conversion. Pixlee TurnTo Syndication gives you a way to display reviews that your brand partners are already collecting, so your shoppers have the information and social proof to make purchase decisions.
Improve Review Coverage Across Your Catalog
It’s hard to get product reviews for every SKU in a large catalog. Supplement your native reviews with syndicated reviews from your brand partners. The Pixlee TurnTo syndication network is open; you can bring in syndicated reviews that your brand partners collect using almost any review provider. And, it’s free for them to participate.
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Trust Our Industry-Leading Catalog Matching
Our syndication engine can ingest reviews in a number of formats, not just one. We support a broad range of identifiers for SKU matching: GTINs, MPNs, UPCs, etc. We have fine-tuned our approach to increase the match rate between your catalog and your partner', without the risk of making incorrect matches that can hurt your customer experience.
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Maintain Control over Your Brand
Syndicated reviews live in your database, alongside your natively collected reviews. This means that you can apply your own moderation policies to syndicated reviews before they go live and perform deeper brand and category analyses combining both native and syndicated reviews.
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Correctly Attribute Review Sources
Pixlee TurnTo ensures that Google recognizes where your syndicated reviews were collected and does not penalize your site for duplicating brand partners’ content.
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