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Key Feature
Influencer Marketing

Influencer Link Tracking

Get a full-funnel view of your influencer programs' ROI.
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Put real numbers to the value created by your influencer marketing campaigns. Track distinct links across the entire purchase funnel to tie cost directly to returns.
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Get A Grasp Of Your Influencer ROI

Get real-time quantitative feedback on the efficacy of your influencer campaigns through affiliate links. Track engagement all the way through conversion on the campaign and product levels. Export detailed reports for easy sharing.

Double Down On Effective Relationships

Dive deeper into individual metrics to uncover the most successful partnerships. Continue to nurture relationships with high performers to keep them engaged for future collaborations.

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Pixlee TurnTo platform listing SKUs and tagging those products in Instagram posts

Share The Vision For Future Campaigns

Understand what works and what doesn't on the content and campaign levels. Consider data-driven feedback to improve targeting, creative, and overall direction moving forward.

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