Develop a more engaging brand voice across customer touch points
increase time on site
more likely to revisit

Tell a Stronger Brand Story to Improve Online Engagement

Panasonic is a household name in consumer electronic products and home renovation services. With diverse product offerings, the brand is a trusted worldwide leader across many markets and countries. However, Panasonic wanted to explore innovative ways to build the brand beyond traditional media and to develop a more engaging brand voice across customer touch points.

Develop a More Engaging Brand Voice with User-Generated Content

Specifically, Panasonic was looking to build stronger emotional ties with its customers so that the brand wouldn’t be cast as “not for me.” By sharing user-generated content images and videos taken by its community of social influencers, Panasonic has built a more engaging brand voice across its website and social channels.

“Consumers don’t want to be screamed at via traditional advertising; they want to enter into a dialogue with the brands they love. The content created by our online community has helped us to build a direct dialogue with end consumers instead of relying on third-party retailers to tell our brand story.”
Darin Pepple, Sr. Marketing Manager @ Panasonic

To handle the process of collecting these images and videos to use in its marketing, Panasonic partnered with Pixlee to curate and permission thousands of high quality photos and videos being shared by its community online.

The Panasonic team has used content from Pixlee to create:

Allow Browsers to Engage with Real Customer Photos and Videos

To make these photos interactive, Pixlee’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration allowed Panasonic to quickly tag its products featured in each photo or video. The Pixlee – Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration not only makes these visuals shoppable but also helps Panasonic to track each photo’s performance.

With the correct products tagged in each photo and video, Panasonic can display galleries of interactive user-generated content on their respective product pages.

With user-generated content, Panasonic has seen:
increase time on site
more likely to revisit

On average, the browsers that engage with user-generated content on the Panasonic website spend 121% more time on the site and are 179% more likely to revisit the site than browsers that don’t interact with Pixlee-managed content.

Moving forward, the Panasonic team plans to make Pixlee-managed user-generated content more accessible to other parts of its marketing organization in order to put its powerful content to use in more omni-channel ways.