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Increase online conversions
increase in total online sales

Use Customer Photos to Increase Online Sales

Goorin Bros. hats are inspired by the best of the past, refreshed for the styles of today, and crafted to last for years into the future. A fourth-generation family company, Goorin Bros. keeps its heritage and history at its core, offering premium quality, top-notch service, and stellar design.

“Goorin Bros. craftsmanship is rooted in authenticity and creativity. There’s no better way to reflect those values in our marketing than with the photos shared by our own community of customers.”
Reed Johnson EVP @ Goorin Bros.

With Pixlee’s A /B testing functionality, Goorin Bros. was able to test the effects on its online sales of displaying shoppable galleries of real customers photos and videos on its homepage, product pages, and location galleries.

The Goorin Bros. Hat Shop team has used Pixlee-managed content to create:

Pixlee’s Magento integration allowed Goorin Bros. to easily import its product SKUs and Pixlee’s image recognition technology helped the marketing team to tag its products in each customer photo.

In conjunction with Pixlee’s conversion data, this allowed Goorin Bros. to attribute purchases to individual customer photos and assess the overall impact of user-generated content on its e-commerce sales.

“The Pixlee team monitored our A/B test on a weekly basis and helped to make it a success. They are attentive, receptive and one of the most resourceful vendor teams that we’ve worked with to date.”
Reed Johnson EVP @ Goorin Bros.

Through the A/B testing process, the brand found that user-generated content directly impacts conversions. Goorin Bros. saw an 11% increase in total online sales when Pixlee’s galleries were deployed on-site.

Pixlee + Goorin Bros. Hat Shop have seen:
increase in total online sales

Moving forward, the Goorin Bros. team plans to incorporate its highest-converting customer photos in its broadcast and triggered email campaigns and to expand its user-generated content use cases to more marketing touch points.