High-end luggage brand TUMI has equipped travelers with luxury bags since 1975. TUMI’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends from their premium products through their customer service. That focus on customer service means responding quickly to customer concerns, no matter the channel through which customers raise them.

Prioritizing maintaining a relationship with its community, TUMI’s team uses customer service platform Gladly as a foundation for communication. To reduce the number of platforms the brand’s customer service team is responsible for managing while reducing response times to customer reviews, TUMI sought to use Pixlee TurnTo.

Combatting Tech Bloat and Simplifying Processes

Prior to adding Pixlee TurnTo to its customer service strategy, TUMI’s customer service team manually sifted through each customer review and either published or responded to those needing attention one by one. In addition, the customer service team used about ten other platforms to manage their day-to-day operations. In all, this made for a complicated, cumbersome environment.

TUMI’s customer service team needed to pare down the number of technology platforms they worked with. To accomplish this, TUMI determined that all platforms would need to integrate with Gladly, which would act as the hub for all customer support.

Not only was Pixlee TurnTo able to easily integrate with Gladly for TUMI, but Pixlee TurnTo also worked with the TUMI team to create a set of rules to automatically surface reviews that needed attention. This helped to streamline the response process, and simplify the workflow for the team.

Integrating Pixlee TurnTo and Gladly to Streamline Responses

Before integrating Pixlee TurnTo with Gladly, the TUMI customer service team had to sift through reviews and toggle between platforms in order to respond to reviews that required attention. Now, the team can easily respond to the reviews that are automatically flagged by Pixlee TurnTo as needing attention—all within the Gladly platform.

Pixlee TurnTo’s process has allowed TUMI representatives to reduce customer response time by 63% to reviews that need attention.

Beyond Support: Inbox Submission to Collect Reviews

Product reviews are core to TUMI as a customer-service driven brand. With Pixlee TurnTo’s Inbox Submission capability, TUMI customers can submit reviews without leaving an email from the brand, sharing their star ratings and thoughts on a product directly within that email. TUMI’s customer experience team enthused that this feature likely reduces customer dropoff rate.

TUMI hopes to extend Pixlee TurnTo’s ratings and review features to in-store purchases made by customers in the future. Overall, integrating Pixlee TurnTo with Gladly improved an already-dedicated customer service team by targeting turnaround times and workload.

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