The Bay

“Syndication has been a great avenue to funnel in reviews and the Pixlee TurnTo Syndication team have supported us every step of the way.”
Sharry Ash
Customer Site Experience Manager

2.4 Million+

Total Syndicated Reviews


Increase in Review Volume


Brands Syndicating Reviews

Canadian luxury goods and apparel retailer The Bay operates under the Hudson’s Bay Company, one of the oldest continuously operating companies worldwide. Offering a variety of products from hundreds of established brands, The Bay needed a simple solution to collect and showcase customer reviews from its many brand partners’ websites. To scale review syndication, The Bay opted for Pixlee TurnTo.

Review Syndication With 332 Global Brands

To harness this customer proof, The Bay uses Pixlee TurnTo syndication to instantly augment review coverage, integrating native reviews with imported reviews from 332 major brands like Nike and Estée Lauder. This resulted in a 19% increase in overall review volume in just three months.

“Pixlee TurnTo makes it easy for our team to simply monitor the brand-onboarding process. They walk our vendors through each necessary step and offer support whenever a roadblock comes up.” — Sharry Ash

Many of The Bay’s vendors and brands already exist within the Pixlee TurnTo syndication network, and streamlined onboarding allows new brands to easily join and benefit from improved review coverage.

“Syndication has created such a buzz for The Bay and our vendors. Brands actively reach out to us multiple times a week to syndicate their reviews to us” — Sharry Ash

Pixlee TurnTo’s syndication team supports The Bay, keeping its ecommerce team looped in to each step of the process and providing unique, company-specific guidance on review management.

“It’s so cool to see all the different retailers that use Pixlee TurnTo. Being able to leverage the team for best practices across different industries has been extremely helpful.” — Rebecca Kim, Customer Site Experience Analyst

Better Customer Insight & Consistently Fresh Reviews

Since launching syndication with Pixlee TurnTo, The Bay has collected over 2.4 million syndicated reviews in total, including 350,000 syndicated reviews in just one quarter. This positively impacted product coverage as well as reduced cart abandonment rate.

“Since we kicked off syndication, we've received a significant increase in overall review collection, month over month. We once collected over 100k product reviews in just one month.”  — Sharry Ash

This massive increase in review volume gives The Bay more visibility when it comes to popular products, shopping habits, and trends in different product categories. Looking ahead, The Bay plans to extend the reach of its syndication efforts with Pixlee TurnTo, continuing to boost review coverage while maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with vendors.

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