“Skyscanner is a global company, and we want to make sure that on our platform we show diverse content around the world. [Pixlee TurnTo] just opened up so many doors for us in that sense.”
Ayoub El Mamoun
Global Social Media Manager


Consent rate for permissioned content


of Instagram visitors redirected to brand website


Pieces of UGC collected in 6 months

Travel brand Skyscanner has offered travelers and companies worldwide an all-inclusive way to plan and book vacations with ease since 2001. With a wealth of high-quality user-generated content (UGC) existing online, Skyscanner needed a solution to collect, showcase, and analyze the performance of this UGC onsite and on social media. In search of a customizable platform to showcase its community efficiently and organically, Skyscanner’s team opted for Pixlee TurnTo.

Scaling Customer Content With Flexibility

With over 100 million visitors each month*, Skyscanner aimed to increase its library of user-generated content. The team now uses Pixlee TurnTo’s customizable features and quick content permissioning capabilities to launch customizable on-site displays, social media campaigns, advertisements, and a Shoppable Instagram focused on UGC.

“[Pixlee TurnTo] looks much more organized – with the ability to have different folders and also to get analytics on the content that we have. This is not something that we had before. Pixlee TurnTo just provided more tools and also more flexibility to group content and manage permissions within the platform.”

The brand was able to collect over 15,000 permissioned pieces of UGC in the first six months, and saves its team time and effort by using Pixlee’s organized and user-friendly platform. Skyscanner’s team values Pixlee TurnTo’s in-platform tools like visual search and tagging to share specific and authentic content on its channels of choice.

“We couldn’t get to this level of sophistication without Pixlee TurnTo. It's not possible to do this manually and in different markets. Having this process automated with Pixlee TurnTo just saves us so much time.”

Diverse UGC to Reflect a Global Footprint

Skyscanner uses its content from customers, ambassadors, and influencers to proudly celebrate its community of travelers and brands online. UGC provides all global branches of its brand an authentic way to appeal to diverse audiences globally.

“Skyscanner is a global company, and we want to make sure that on our platform we show diverse content. [Pixlee TurnTo] just opened up so many doors for us in that sense.”

Not only does Skyscanner feel more equipped to manage its UGC, but initial campaigns through Pixlee showed improved stats. Skyscanner’s first six months with Pixlee TurnTo yielded a 70% consent rate for permissioned content, and 50% of the brand’s Instagram visitors were redirected to its website after interacting with Pixlee TurnTo-powered UGC.

“Before we used Pixlee TurnTo, our web content was mostly stock imagery. With Pixlee TurnTo, you can just see how much that’s changed. UGC performs so much better. For us it was a no-brainer to use more of this type of content.”

Influencer Marketing to Promote Travel Reopening

Beyond customer-powered content, Skyscanner also uses Pixlee TurnTo to create and manage relationships with influencers. As destinations open up post-pandemic with safety measures, Skyscanner uses Pixlee TurnTo’s influencer discovery tool to access a database of influencers to showcase destinations that are reopening and inspire future vacationers.

“I also like the fact that we have both UGC content and influencer management in the same place. Pixlee TurnTo helps us keep track of who we have the auto-permission enabled for and who's providing us with most of the content.

Skyscanner’s team describes moving to Pixlee TurnTo as a seamless process, and looks forward to its future endeavors with user-generated content as a crucial asset.

* Data is pre-COVID-19 pandemic.

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