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"Checkout Chatter is powerful. All of this content is positive because it's captured at the time of purchase, it's keyword rich, great for your SEO and helps to increase conversion rates.
Ian MacDonald
Director of eCommerce


Increase in Conversion Rates


Visitors Browsed Q&A Content

1 in 6

Orders Received a Checkout Comment

Customers who interacted with Pixlee TurnTo’s community features had a 315% higher conversion rate across Silver Star’s websites.

The Challenge

How to improve traffic and conversions

Silver Star Brands already knew the power of customer ratings and reviews. Across the company’s six brands of gifts and household products, ratings were a popular tool for shoppers. And reviews generated valuable content that helped with placement in search engines.

But Director of eCommerce Ian MacDonald was looking for new ways to increase traffic to Silver Star Brands’ websites. He hoped to improve SEO performance by adding more customer-generated content. Ian was also seeking a way to lift conversion rates—something beyond ratings and reviews. Ian found his breakthrough in Pixlee TurnTo’s Community Q&A and Checkout Comments platforms. Shoppers embraced these new sets of interaction tools, and Silver Star Brands benefited from an influx of high quality customer-generated content.

The Solution

Community Q&A and Checkout Comments

Pixlee TurnTo’s best-in-class Community Q&A platform opened a way for customers to get quick answers to their questions right on the product detail page. Many shopper questions are answered instantly from a search of the Q&A knowledge base, which draws from existing answers and FAQ content from the store’s help center.

Pixlee TurnTo’s platform also automatically sends questions to past purchasers and to Silver Star Brands experts by email. Community answers arrive within minutes or hours, and become part of the knowledge base for the next shopper. In the first half year, Pixlee TurnTo’s Q&A solution exceeded SilverStar Brands’ expectations by providing exceptional engagement and conversion metrics and ROI.

In addition to Community Q&A, Pixlee TurnTo’s Checkout Comments service exceeded expectations.

It works by asking customers to leave a short comment at the time of purchase. Response rates are high, and customers are inclined to leave positive remarks about items they’ve just purchased. The result is a large collection of short, positive sentiments from customers.

Both platforms generate customer-generated content that’s indexable for search engines. Silver Star Brands saw the positive impact reflected in their organic search traffic. In addition, Silver Star Brands benefited from new insights into why customers are making their purchases. This new knowledge enabled Silver Star Brands to optimize page content and marketing messages.

Community Q&A and Checkout Comments helped Ian tackle the challenges he set out to solve: More customer content, increased inbound traffic, improved conversion rates, and higher customer satisfaction.

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