Seattle Coffee Gear

“We saw value from Pixlee TurnTo immediately. Once we started to ask for permission and use those photos in our marketing and social media, our followers became so excited that they could tag us and have their photo featured.”
Kelli Rognlie
Senior Marketing Manager


Increase in Overall Content Collected


Checkout Comments Collected


Average Product Star Rating

Seattle Coffee Gear focuses on helping shoppers discover the perfect brew setup by providing them with all of the resources they need to find it — from detailed product pages to online articles and video tutorials. To add an extra element of social proof to its website and paint a clear, authentic picture of its products through the experiences of its customers, Seattle Coffee Gear looked to Pixlee TurnTo.

Community-Generated Content: Visual and Text

Seattle Coffee Gear harnesses and uniquely showcases user-generated content, ultimately driving a 375% increase in content collected since beginning to use Pixlee TurnTo. Along with traditional Ratings & Reviews, the brand extends the reach of its word-of-mouth marketing with 39,000 Checkout Comments™ and Community Q&A on product pages. 

“Community Q&A helps us discover trends and uncover helpful information that should be included in a product description. For example, if we notice that the same question is coming up regularly, we can use that insight to update the content on the product page. We've learned to take notice of that and make sure that we're modifying our original content to answer that ahead of time and correctly.”

Social proof doesn’t stop there for Seattle Coffee Gear. The brand features visual UGC from customers across social media, and website pages, creating customized, shoppable galleries and product page carousels to improve purchase confidence and satisfaction among shoppers. Seattle Coffee Gear’s team also noted an uptick in engagement and content volume as more content was published.

“We spent a couple of weeks gathering content, making sure we felt comfortable about the amount of content that we had, and tagging products correctly. Our library turned out great and was flush with content. Then we built out the homepage gallery and were able to make sure it was exactly how we wanted it to look.”

Emerging Technology and Top-Notch Communication

Even with an average product rating of 4.65 stars, Seattle Coffee Gear continues to advance its approach to collecting customer feedback with Pixlee TurnTo. From new technology like Early Review Incentives to speed up the review collection process to influencer discovery and management, Pixlee TurnTo consistently provides new, cutting-edge features and technology that get the Seattle Coffee Gear team excited to test out.

“We see Pixlee TurnTo devoting the time and energy to influencer management — it’s the perfect marriage of UGC and influencer content.”

As new features launch in the platform, the Pixlee TurnTo team ensures that the Seattle Coffee Gear team is enabled to take full advantage of those new features by maintaining an open dialogue and streamlining implementation to Seattle Coffee Gear’s marketing channels.

“The fact that Pixlee TurnTo is rolling out new technology behind Ratings & Review, Q&A, and early incentives is great, and the support behind the technology has also been awesome.”

Looking ahead, Seattle Coffee Gear plans to maximize the positive impact of community-powered content, with a special focus on email marketing through Pixlee TurnTo’s integration with Klaviyo.

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