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"We’re known for our massive product inventory, in the tens of thousands. The Pixlee TurnTo platform helped us to attribute each product SKU to its correct user-generated content with minimal effort. We were able to get displays of user-generated content up and running on our website almost instantaneously.
Stephen Burks
Director of eCommerce


Increase in Time on Site


More Likely to Revisit

Personalize e-Commerce Storefront and Email Campaign Content with Earned Media

PFI Western believes that shopping for Western fashion should feel as comfortable as slipping on a friendly old pair of cowboy boots. Breaking retail rules with gusto, PFI resists easy categorization and prides itself on its outrageously large inventory of products, including 15,000 styles of boots (in leathers that range from cowhide to kangaroo!)

The brand offers superior in-store customer service that delivers a ‘good, better, best’ philosophy to appeal to all levels of taste and budget and to meet each customer’s individual needs.

PFI Western was looking to bring this highly personalized in-store shopping experience to its e-Commerce channels, drive more traffic to its site, and increase its online customer engagement.

Develop a More Personalized Online Shopping Experience with User-Generated Content

PFI Westerns's Visual Reviews Gallery, Powered by Pixlee TurnTo

PFI Western partnered with Pixlee TurnTo to expand its brand conversation on social media and to bring personalized, interactive user-generated content to its e-Commerce channels.

Pixlee TurnTo’s Social Photo Contest tool kit helped PFI to promote its #PFIWestern evergreen hashtag on social media to increase customer photos submissions. Over the course of two years, PFI collected over 8000 customer photo submissions under its specific hashtags. Pixlee TurnTo’s platform then helped PFI to curate and permission thousands of these high quality photos and videos shared by its community online.

Through Pixlee TurnTo’s Magento integration, PFI was able to import its products SKUs into the Pixlee TurnTo platform and used image recognition technology to tag PFI products in their respective photos.

PFI Western then put these shoppable customer photo submissions to use across its product pages, homepage, and more.

Uplevel Email Marketing with User-Generated Content

Once PFI Western’s e-Commerce storefront was up and running with Pixlee TurnTo-managed user-generated content, the brand decided to bring the power of user-generated content to its email campaigns. Pixlee TurnTo’s dotmailer integration allowed PFI to quickly integrate dynamic displays of user-generated content into its broadcast and triggered email campaigns.

"The Pixlee TurnTo-dotmailer integration set us up to bring the impact of earned media to email marketing. The integration made it easy to include dynamic displays of user-generated content into our triggered email campaigns, from abandoned cart to order confirmation emails." -Stephen Burks, Director of eCommerce @ PFI Western

The Pixlee TurnTo-dotmailer integration not only makes email visuals interactive but also helps PFI Western to track each photo’s performance.

PFI Western found that, on average, the browsers that engaged with user-generated content on its website spend 145% more time on the site and are 124% more likely to revisit the site than browsers that don’t interact with Pixlee TurnTo-managed content.

"Pixlee TurnTo offered us a full-service user-generated content solution. We were able to run social contests to collect content, permission photo submissions, and make user-generated content shoppable. Pixlee TurnTo's various integrations further facilitated using this content across our different e-commerce channels." -Stephen Burks, Director of eCommerce @PFI Western

PFI Westerns's Email Gallery with Products, Powered by Pixlee TurnTo

PFI Western partnered with Pixlee TurnTo with the goal of becoming the most creative, customer-respected, people-oriented retailer in America. Moving forward, PFI plans to continue pursue this goal by leveraging user-generated content across its various e-Commerce channels to meet its diverse customer set’s varying budget and needs.

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