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Originally founded on the beach in Lahaina, Hawaii, leading sunglasses brand Maui Jim now offers over 125 styles of polarized sunglasses sold worldwide. Priding the brand on its positivity and strong community following, Maui Jim’s team sought out the help of Pixlee TurnTo to create the most community-driven website experience with their customer-generated content.

Display User-Generated Content (UGC) Alongside Ratings & Reviews with Pixlee TurnTo

In order to create a cohesive visual experience on their website, the Maui Jim team sought to use their wealth of UGC in conjunction with their ratings & reviews to improve engagement and provide additional social proof for their products. Additionally, with a highly-engaged fanbase, Maui Jim looked to collect visual reviews through TurnTo and disseminate these across their most powerful marketing channels using Pixlee.

With Pixlee TurnTo, visual reviews are shared directly into the platform, and can easily be shared across other marketing channels, PDPs, and inspiration galleries.

With Pixlee TurnTo, the Maui Jim team seamlessly blends customer testimonials with visual content, creating a powerful showcase of social proof for each of their products.

Better Reviews with PixleeTurnTo's Custom Subdimensions

In order to provide the most relevant information to shoppers, the Maui Jim team uses custom sub-dimensions to collect product-specific information from their customers – creating better social proof and likely reducing customer service inquiries as many specific questions are answered by other customers.

By including user-provided data such as location and age, shoppers can imagine how the product will suit their needs. This tactic can reduce returns and improve customer satisfaction overall.

With custom filters and sub-dimensions, Maui Jim shoppers can get all the information they might need before purchasing a product online, a necessary function especially as in-person shopping diminished in 2020.

Easy Content Collection and Curation

Algorithmic ordering of content through the Pixlee TurnTo platform allows Maui Jim to examine how each photo or video performs in terms of engagement and conversions. The brand’s team also praised Pixlee TurnTo’s publish center as a means of managing all UGC deployments without pursuing outside, professional services.

The brand’s #MahaloToHeroes campaign centered around discounts for frontline employees like medical providers and first responders, and spotlighted photos and videos from these community heroes in an onsite UGC gallery. 

Connecting the Community with #AlohaAtHome

When the pandemic first hit and communication was strained for the brand’s retailers, Maui Jim recognized an opportunity to tell its story through the experiences of its community. This began with the #AlohaAtHome campaign, a hashtag challenge to give customers and employees from Maui Jim and its retailers a platform to share how they were staying connected, positive, and healthy during shelter-in-place in their respective communities.

The Maui Jim team used Pixlee TurnTo to collect and curate the best user-generated content (UGC) posted on social media with the #AlohaAtHome hashtag for use in product promotions, marketing by its retailers, and a campaign landing page, opening up an inclusive community-wide dialogue.

#AlohaAtHome’s influence soared, inspiring a campaign Slack channel and weekly online experiences like a guitar performance on zoom with the brand’s accounts and a chef sharing recipes with Maui Jim’s partners and team. The brand team expressed excitement around connecting with accounts and fans in meaningful ways that began with user-generated content.

Maui Jim now amplifies the experiences of individual community members more than ever before, incorporating UGC galleries site-wide, on social media, and within brand emails. Just a few months into working with Pixlee TurnTo, Maui Jim saw a community-driven content strategy come together at one of the most difficult times for brands worldwide.

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