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"Pixlee TurnTo has offered a number of opportunities within different departments to find unique ways to use user-generated content (UGC) beyond the typical social post."
Anyi Tapiero
Marketing Assistant


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How the Brookfield Properties’ Retail Portfolio Uses Pixlee TurnTo to Engage their Community Across 150 Retail Properties

Brookfield Properties is a global real estate services company and are champions in creating contemporary spaces for people to live, shop, and connect with each other. Combining high-tech experiences with human connection, this brand looked to not only engage individuals visiting their shopping centers but also their business partners, through user-generated content (UGC). To build off of their engaged network of businesses and customers, Brookfield Properties turned to Pixlee TurnTo.

Scale Marketing Efforts Across 150 Properties Nationwide

Not only does the marketing team at Brookfield manage customer interactions with their shopping centers, but they also help manage the interactions between customers and other businesses occupying their centers. With a lot of properties to manage and market for, the Brookfield team looks to Pixlee TurnTo to scale their content across the portfolio.

“Tactics where we used UGC performed well last year and we saw a lift across all channels. Integrating more UGC is a goal for marketing and having it accessible to everyone is a top priority. Pixlee TurnTo is a great option for marketing support scalability. Because we have over 150 shopping centers, we can test a variety of efforts with different centers.”

Engage Customers During Store Closures

Many of the shopping centers managed by Brookfield Properties were impacted significantly by COVID-19 related closures. Through the use of Pixlee TurnTo, the marketing team and individual malls have been able to reassure visitors that the centers are safe to return to.

“Engagement has slowly been increasing with more states opening up, and we're continuing to use UGC as a form of showing people that there is a safe way to engage again and have fun at our centers. We've always managed UGC as a way to show people that they can be doing different fun activities, experiences, or enjoying a tenant that we have at a mall. We’re building that connection through people that they know in their communities.”

User-Generated Content for B2B

One of the unique ways the team uses Pixlee TurnTo is to engage tenants at the centers. This B2B use-case has helped the team not only scale content but engage employees of these tenants to offer sneak-previews of new events and upcoming exclusive offers from each mall.

“We were looking to work with more influencers, then realized that we could also leverage our own employees and tenant employees to increase awareness and collect content. We’re launching sweepstakes for mall employees to submit photos with the chance to win a gift card. This helps keep them engaged with their own brands, and also gives us a different perspective that people aren’t always aware of. For example, a new menu item at a restaurant! It’s like a secret surprise and delight that we can get from our own employees, while getting a different perspective on the property.”

This new initiative will help coincide with the reopening of our centers, such as The SoNo Collection, and exciting new offers to re-attract customers to each tenant.

Partners for Success

As the Brookfield Properties team continues to innovate with Pixlee TurnTo in interesting and transformative ways, there are profound opportunities for growth. Especially as businesses begin to reopen, the potential to connect the digital experiences with the in-person is profound.

“There's still so much that we are trying to test out right now! For example, the digital displays – there's a lot of capability that would be great for us to try and scale it out to all of our centers.”

For the time being, until all properties completely reopen, Pixlee TurnTo is able to support the team as they work to scale their efforts and content.

“With Pixlee TurnTo, we’ve been able to partner to find creative ways to use UGC beyond a social post. Scaling that content helps alleviate concerns for different departments who would otherwise need content to fill important gaps.”
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