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Why Using Visual Content Improves Online Consumer Reviews

Earlier this year, Alex Ivanos wrote an article “Why Online Store Owners Should Embrace Online Reviews.” The article covered how effective reviews have been for eCommerce sites. Online reviews, when used strategically, are a valuable form of social validation for your products and brand that influence purchase decisions of new shoppers. We wanted to continue the conversation around effective reviews and talk about the amplified value that publishing visual consumer reviews bring to eCommerce websites.

Two years ago, I co-founded Pixlee on the belief that in today’s digital age, consumers define and influence a brand like never before. Consequently, Mark’s article really stuck with me. I wanted to continue the conversation around effective reviews and talk about the added value that visual reviews bring to the table.

We’ve created an infographic that highlights points from Mark’s article as well as some points regarding the value of both reviews and visual content:


At Pixlee, we help our clients leverage their most valuable asset—their own customers. We enable companies to display visual reviews on product pages and throughout their eCommerce websites. These customer photos have dramatically improved eCommerce performance for clients in nearly every vertical: driving higher online conversion, average order value, and stronger brand affinity amongst customers and social influencers.

Kyle Wong
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