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Influencer Marketing

Where Brand Influencers Should Share Sponsored Posts

As a brand looking to stand out from the competition through buzz-worthy influencer sponsored posts on social media, the experiences and preferences of real influencers can serve as the backbone of your next campaign and your overall creator partnership strategy.

When it comes to creating sponsored posts with influencers, you’ll want to keep in mind which platforms work best for your brand’s social media efforts as well as the channels potential influencers spend time on. From there, you can decide which channel or channels to prioritize when designing your influencer marketing campaign.

While 93% of Pixlee TurnTo Creator Network influencers tend to post sponsored posts on multiple platforms, they aren’t posting the same content on multiple platforms. Instead, they’re using each platform for its intended purpose.

We surveyed 150+ influencers with various backgrounds and interests, many of whom already partner with leading direct-to- consumer brands. Here are the platforms they’re active on:

  • 90% Instagram
  • 66% TikTok
  • 34% Facebook
  • 4% Twitter
  • 4% Pinterest

While Instagram is still the most popular social media platform for influencer marketing campaigns, TikTok is rising in the ranks as new features and trends emerge in the world of short-form video.

Want to learn more about how influencers leverage different social media platforms, what they want to see from brand partnerships, and how you can use these trends to design a thumb-stopping sponsored post? 

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Evelyn Taylor
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