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New Feature: Google Photos Integration Powers the Best UGC

Two-thirds of shoppers report that user-generated content makes brands more appealing and authentic (Retail Dive), but can social media alone give you all the content you need?Instagram is without a doubt an incredible source of content for brands - it provides context, encourages engagement, and yields incredible imagery. But not all of your customers are on Instagram, and even for those who are, there’s a wealth of content that remains trapped on their smartphone and in their computers. Until now.

Pixlee is excited to announce enhancements to our platform that will make it easier and faster than ever for customers to share content with your brand.

Collect Photos from Anywhere

The direct uploader capability has always been something accessible through the Pixlee widget display. Now, you can embed a link to the direct uploader anywhere that supports HTML, giving you new ways to collect content from your customers - email, landing pages, and live chat are just a few examples. Uploaded photos are collected into galleries for easy organization and automatically marked as 'permissioned' so you can use them right away.

Get More Context on Uploaded Photos

The Pixlee uploader now includes an input field in which customers can add any additional information to the content that they submit. Customers can now add additional context like product name, photo location, and other comments to help your brand understand what’s in the content and how it can be helpful. You can even customize the comment fields to guide your customers and get more useful information.

Collect More Content with Google Photos Integration

In addition to being able to upload content from Instagram, Facebook, and Desktop or Camera Roll through the uploader, your customers can now also upload content from their Google Photos account. Now, your customers can easily share the wealth of content from any of their Google Photos albums. With the new Google Photos uploader option, customers can easily view and search Google Photos’ library and albums, filter content by media type and category, and upload multiple photos or videos all at once.

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