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How Reynolds Kitchens’ #EndlessTable Campaign Revamped Its Brand on Instagram

Is it possible to completely revamp your brand through one Instagram marketing campaign? When you create a social media contest as colorful and appealing as Reynolds Kitchens’ #EndlessTable, it’s more than possible, it’s probable. Reynolds wrap has been a staple in American kitchens since 1947, but the brand wanted to position itself as more than a tinfoil company. Reynolds Kitchens won’t only help you keep your food fresh – they’ll help you find seasonal recipes that are easy to make and delicious to eat. All you have to do is visit their Instagram profile.

The Concept

Reynolds Kitchens launched its #EndlessTable campaign in June 2015 and its still going strong today. On their Instagram feed, they post individual pictures of a finished recipe. Zoom in to the individual post and you’ll find a link to a separate account created for that recipe alone. The sub-account gives you step-by-step directions accompanied by a series of pictures to guide you through the food creation process.

Back on the Reynolds Kitchens’ Instragram feed, zoom out and you’ll see that the individual picture is one of many that are stitched together on the grid layout, making the entire feed look like an endless table. Each interconnected table has 21 different recipes that are based around a theme – holiday eating, back-to-school recipes and more.Since the campaign’s launch, each picture no longer has its own sub-account, but all you have to do is click the link in the brand’s bio to quickly redirect to their website where all of the recipes are listed. The brand also has started occasionally posting quick instructional videos with directions posted in the video description.

Even if you’re not a #foodie, you’ll appreciate the vibrant design of Reynolds Kitchens’ #EndlessTable, you and their 19,400 and growing group of followers. Who knew a tinfoil brand could become so popular?

Demonstrates Platform Understanding

The key characteristic that sets this marketing campaign apart is its in-depth understanding of Instagram as a social platform. At its heart, Instagram is all about visuals. Users are looking for images that strike them, that are unique. By creating a larger image out of their entire feed, Reynolds Kitchens takes full advantage of the platform’s capabilities.

Reynolds Kitchens also understands the popularity of food pictures and recipes on Instagram, capitalizing on the #foodie and #foodporn following. There are currently over 45 million mentions of #foodie and over 102 million mentions of #foodporn. Food lovers live on Instagram so Reynolds Kitchens is going to them.

Offers Timeless, Tangible Value

Hashtag campaigns can grow stale, but #EndlessTable shows no sign of fading. Why is this?Beyond a striking visual, the #EndlessTable campaign offers Instagram users authentic value. The campaign is more than a hashtag – it’s a source of information. By providing followers with actionable, easy recipes they can quickly replicate, it keeps users coming back to reference the information or check for the latest post. What they share is more than just a picture.

Leveraged Social Influencer Status for Greater Reach

Leveraging influencers in the target social community is a key, and that’s what Reynolds Kitchens has made sure to do. One of the reasons the #EndlessTable campaign has been successful is due to the brand’s use of Instagram influencers to expand their social reach.

They partnered with popular chefs like Joy the Baker and April Bloomfield so that the Instagram users with a high potential of interest in the campaign would be exposed to #EndlessTable. These chefs formulated recipes and shared links on their social channels, driving traffic and impressions.

Endless Table’s Endless Success

Since Reynolds Kitchens launched #EndlessTable, their Instagram following has increased by over 1300 percent. Their virtual cookbook has gained over 263 million impressions.

More than simply padding their social stats, Reynolds Kitchens is successfully repositioning themselves in the marketplace. Instead of simply marketing their tinfoil product, they are establishing Reynolds Kitchens as a lifestyle brand – a company that is digitally-savvy and can help home cooks conveniently and efficiently prepare tasty meals. Reynolds wrap is now a functional piece of the puzzle that the current generation of cooks can’t live without.

Launch Your Brand Campaign

If Reynolds Kitchens can use Instagram to make tinfoil relevant, you can use Instagram to give your brand a unique edge as well. Use Pixlee’s free Instagram analytics tool to track your brand influencers, monitor user generated content and identify what your target base finds valuable. You can enhance your Instagram feed by making your gallery shoppable. You can integrate reviews and original content to make your brand even more discoverable.

Pixlee’s tools can help you conceptualize and execute a powerful digital marketing campaign – speak to a team member today to learn more.

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