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A Message from Pixlee's CEO

Dear Pixlee Friends & Family,Today I’m writing to ask for your help: Pixlee is looking for a few outstanding individuals to join our team.

While our job postings are accessible on our careers page, I wanted to take this moment to share, in my own words, some of the integral positions that we’re hiring for and what makes these roles unique and essential to our team. To get you quickly up to speed, here’s a high-level explanation of what we do:

  •      ‘Word of mouth marketing’ and ‘social proof’ have always been some of the most effective forms of marketing. A brand’s customers are often its best marketers, and smartphones and social media have only made them more sophisticated and prevalent.
  •      Pixlee allows brands to market using authentic customer photos in their marketing.  Whether this content is displayed on their website, mobile apps, emails, ads, social media, or in-store-- shoppers are more engaged by user-generated content than by stock imagery.
  •      Pixlee works with notable brands such as Levi's Jeans, Old Navy, Rent the Runway, Kenneth Cole, GoPro, and Carnival Cruises.

This past holiday season 1 in 9 Americans interacted with Pixlee content. The shoppers who engage with Pixlee-managed content on a brand’s website are twice as likely to make a purchase than those who do notNow you might be saying to yourself, “This sounds so obvious, why isn’t every brand doing this?” My response is, “Exactly! Please help us make this a reality!”

What integral roles are Pixlee hiring for?

We’re hiring across the board for both technical and non-technical positions. Our team believes that every role is valuable and that our ability to recruit, retain, and develop great talent is part of our competitive advantage. You can find the official descriptions and titles on our careers page, but below are my broad-stroke versions.

Product Manager, Product Designer, Engineering:

Most PMs or designers fall into a bucket of “B2B or B2C.” At Pixlee, you’ll have the unique experience of being both. The backend of our product will be used by some of the top marketing organizations, and the frontend will be seen by tens of millions of people each month.In addition, you will be playing a major role in shaping how the intersection of artificial intelligence and visual content impact the shopping experience. If you like data, UX, mobile, or optimization challenges we have plenty of problems for you to solve.

Sales, Customer Success, Business Development:

Client facing roles at Pixlee are unique because you’re able to offer marketing guidance some of the world’s most innovative and iconic brands. When it comes to helping brands succeed in the rapidly changing eCommerce landscape, customer education around industry trends and emerging technologies is key.   As a customer success manager or an account executive at Pixlee, you can be the expert.  Our clients love our product and we have the NPS score to prove it.  

Marketing and Demand Generation:

I’ve always thought a marketer’s job is much easier when he or she has more to work with. I might be biased, but we work in an attractive space that benefits from multiple industry trends moving in our favor. Marketing at Pixlee means marketing to marketers. Not only do you get the opportunity to create awareness for Pixlee, but you also have the opportunity to shape a category as a thought leader. Other cool stuff to brag about:I can ramble for a while about all the reasons that  I love this company. However,  here are some of the highlights:

  •      Pixlee has the stability of a B2B company and the appeal of a B2C company. I can point to Pixlee on a brand’s website and my grandmother can understand what we do.
  •      We believe that great culture starts with great people. We’ve won awards for being one of the best places to work in Silicon Valley. While we still have a lot improvements to make, culture is important to us and we have a great team with big talent and little ego.
  •      Pixlee is a small company with a big company scale. We have a close-knit team (our Snapchat stories game is lit) and our work impacts millions of people. We also have a weird obsession with hot sauce and emojis.

If you or anyone who you know might be a good fit for Pixlee, please feel free to email jobs@pixleeteam.com or reach out directly.

Best,Kyle Wong, CEO @ Pixlee

Kyle Wong
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