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Social Media and UGC

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Pixlee

Pixlee’s industry-leading UGC platform is known for its extensive content creation, curation, and multi-channel publishing capabilities. Our clients see lower content costs and higher conversion rates by leveraging the vast amounts of authentic, customer-generated content already being created for their brand. That said, there are many less-used, highly beneficial features that can bring exceptional value to your brand. We’d like to share a few of Pixlee’s unintentionally best kept secrets to make your marketing even more effective. These are five ways you should be using Pixlee (if you aren’t already!)

1. Gain Visibility into Influencer Engagement Rates and Follower Counts using Social CRM

The ability to find and add influencers, as well as enable them to publish content for your brand within Pixlee’s Social CRM tool already provides tremendous value for many brands. A lesser-used existing capability within the platform allows you to see data for individual influencers in each influencer’s profile card view. Here you can see aggregate data of engagement rates and follower counts for each influencer, as well as performance of content collected using your brand hashtag. This insight will help you determine those brand advocates that are generating the most valuable content for your brand. This data can be found in your Social CRM in a table view for all of your influencers, and you can view the data for each influencer by clicking on their name, or download the data.

2. Quickly Build Landing Pages

With Pixlee’s easy-to-launch landing pages, you can create timely and engaging digital experiences without encountering technical obstacles. This feature allows you to quickly publish fully designed and hosted campaign landing pages to drive website traffic to key product pages without needing to tap into engineering resources. Simply select ‘Landing Page’ in the Publish Center, follow the branding requirements, and presto, your landing page will be published.

3. Display Interactive Galleries

The ability to create interactive galleries lets your audience sort and search content they are most interested in. Leveraging this capability within your galleries allows your shoppers to browse real customer stories by category, location and season, or even search their friends’ content. With a few simple steps, you can customize your galleries to suit your brand’s needs, and vastly improve shopper experience.

4. Easily Run and Manage Voting Campaigns

Many Pixlee customers have found that running photo contests are an excellent way to increase engagement on social media. Contests not only help brands acquire valuable user-generated content, they have the added benefits of increasing brand awareness and brand affinity. Pixlee makes it incredibly easy to add a voting component to your contests, which will help generate excitement and participation. It’s as simple as flipping the switch on the Voting button of your contest gallery.

Check out how PFI Western implemented voting in their social photo contest.

5. Collect Photos from Facebook Comments

You’re probably aware that Pixlee collects photos and videos in an automated fashion from your brand's Facebook page, but did you know we can also collect content shared within the comments of your posts? There is literally a treasure trove of content that your fans and followers submit via their comments. Think of the exponential increase in user-generated visual content you can collect via comments!

If you have any questions about how to harness the power of these Pixlee tools, please reach out to your Customer Success team member.

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