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Ratings and Reviews

5 Things to Look for When Assessing Your Ratings & Reviews Provider’s Moderation Capabilities

Ratings and reviews (R&R) moderation is an essential part of maintaining a successful ecommerce strategy. You want to ensure your community has access to the most timely, relevant and helpful content, and that reviews are authentic and free of abusive language. To manage all of this well, you need effective moderation services. However, not all R&R moderation providers are created equal. To ensure your business is getting the most value from your content moderation, look beyond the basics. Great moderation can cover the essentials while also providing your brand with fresh, quality customer-generated content, insightful reporting, and improved customer service.

To Get The Most Out Of Your Online Ratings And Reviews Moderation, Look For These Dynamic Features

1. Robust Auto-Moderation

While there may be a need for human oversight of your content publishing process, the goal of delivering up-to-date information to your shoppers remains the same. Automating this process ensures that content can be replenished frequently, as it removes the need for deep human analysis of each individual content item, reducing the time to market. Look for a moderation solution that is customizable and has the extensibility to support all of your business rules. This will give you the ability to publish reviews faster, apply content policies consistently, and develop your preferred workflow.

2. Flexible Content Tagging That Allows for Customization

The use of keyword taxonomies predates computers, but content tagging is best known today for its role in enabling easy informal search and classification for photo sharing, blogging, and social media. Behind the scenes, tags are used similarly in content management systems and in the expanding field of data sciences. Similarly, effective content tagging can turn your moderation into the perfect avenue for managing and displaying outstanding customer-generated content. While tagging for routine moderation is table stakes, the utilization of customized labels can maximize the value of customer-generated content in brands’ marketing and merchandising strategies. Most Ratings & Reviews providers allow for basic tagging, but there’s an opportunity to do so much more here.

TurnTo identified the full potential of content tagging in reviews moderation, and companies such as Bob’s Red Mill have reaped the benefits.

Bob’s Red Mill Top 10 Tag Performance

Bob’s Red Mill has amassed a large and engaged audience, and they use tagging to enable exceptional and unique shopper experiences. Widgets are configured to dynamically display content based on the tagging taxonomy, as shown in the “Why did you choose this?” example below.

Ultimately, it is important to consider how your Ratings & Reviews provider enables tagging during the moderation process, but also how moderation tagging manifests in your customer experiences.

3. Automatic Escalation Of Negative Reviews To Customer Service Representatives

It’s time to flip the script and embrace negative online reviews. Customers are suspicious when a brand only has positive reviews. They know that it’s impossible to please everyone, so they assume you must be deleting bad reviews. Censoring negative content is a huge red flag in reviews moderation.

Instead of dreading feedback from disappointed customers, turn them into fantastic opportunities to win back the loyalty of the reviewers and impress future customers. TurnTo’s moderation services can automatically flag a negative review so someone from your customer service team can immediately take action. “Immediately” is key here. Don’t let an unhappy customer stew in their disappointment. The faster your team can respond, the better the outcome will be. Customers understand that sometimes problems are unavoidable, and most will be quick to forgive if they receive white-glove customer service afterward. If your team can quickly respond to the negative review, and offer a remedy for the issue, your formerly unhappy customer can become one of your most effective advocates. Many shoppers feel more comfortable doing business with a company that’s rectified a problem for them than a brand they’ve never tried. They know the tried-and-true business will make things right no matter what. Who’s to say what the other company might do? There’s simply less risk when you go with what you know. Another benefit to moderation services that can auto-flag negative reviews is that other customers get to see how you handle unhappy shoppers. If they see your team was immediately making amends for the situation, they feel much more confident that the same will be done for them if there’s a problem.

4. Powerful Filtering In Multiple Languages

TurnTo users benefit from industry-leading language filters that speed up review publication, support seamless workflows, and keep content policies consistent. This is an often overlooked aspect of moderation services, but it’s key to maintaining fast and accurate review publishing. In addition to granular control over your language filter options, companies with an international customer base should look for a provider that offers moderation in multiple languages. This enhances your ability to keep content standards high and provides a helpful, inclusive shopping experience for your global community.  

5. Multiple Moderation Support Levels

It’s important to select R&R moderation providers that offer more than one level of support. This will allow you to scale your moderation to best fit your company’s needs. To be as cost-effective as possible, TurnTo has four levels of moderation support, so you can grow your level of ratings and reviews moderation as your business grows. TurnTo’s standard automated moderation is perfect for businesses that receive a manageable number of reviews. It provides a customizable filter list to support your in-house moderation. The “Insights” moderation level provides full support for content reviewing, routing, and curating for businesses with a larger influx of comments and reviews. A great moderation provider will be able to provide the level of support your team needs, whether your company is just starting to receive reviews or is already inundated with valuable customer content.

Keep these features in mind as you look for the perfect moderation provider to help your business grow. To check out TurnTo’s ratings and reviews moderation in action, sign up for a free demo today.

Pixlee TurnTo Contributor

Pixlee TurnTo welcomes contributed content from leading marketers, influencers and ecommerce experts.

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