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3 Ways to Use Pinterest to Reach Millennial Buyers

“Generation Y has become Generation DIY,” says Millennial marketing expert Jeff Fromm. Where crafting was once a hobby of middle-aged women and retirees, do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are now favored by Millennials, thanks to the overwhelming popularity of social sharing networks Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Similar to Instagram, Pinterest is a visual inspiration tool that allows members to discover and save relevant user-generated content. The beauty of it is that it’s useful for everyone. Whether someone is interested in fashion, design, travel, cars or tattoos, Pinterest helps them to find customized, inspirational content specific to that person’s unique interests.

What differentiates this platform from its social media cousins? Pinners are looking to spend. 93 percent of Pinners made online purchases in the last six months, and people referred to a product by Pinterest are ten times more likely to buy a product.

Furthermore, the majority of Pinners are under the age of 40—this makes it a key platform for reaching millennials and boosting online sales.

Take me as a case study. I’m a twenty-something female who loves to cook and photograph my creations in the kitchen. In my free time, I peruse my favorite blogs to find new recipes. For me, Pinterest is my recipe box in the cloud – a place where I find meal inspiration and share my latest culinary endeavors with my followers.


Now, imagine that you are the Marketing Director for a company that sells kitchenware. I’m a consumer that fits your target market –are your marketing efforts reaching me?Despite being the fastest-growing social network, Pinterest continues to be an under-utilized marketing tool for businesses. Why? Because many marketers fail to understand the value of Pinterest as a channel for reaching millennial buyers.

In this post, we’ll outline 3 ways that companies can use Pinterest to reach millennial consumers.

1. Use Pinterest for Content Co-Creation

Millennials have big ideas, and they are already creating and sharing content about your brand online. The question is; are you putting it to use? Millennials don’t want you to sell to them, but they are receptive to content created by their peers. This user-generated content is more authentic and personalized by their standards. Pinterest is a great platform to facilitate this kind of collaboration: companies can promote themselves by posting their company-created content while also sharing user-generated content to make Millennials feel valued and involved in their brand.

2. Use Pinterest to Listen to Your Customers

Pinners are eager to engage with your brand. Think of it as a two-way exchange: you promote your products and build connections with shoppers, and you also get to observe what resonates with Millennials in real-time. Pinterest alerts you to trending keywords and products, which allows you to adjust your marketing strategy to online trends. Track how engaged your followers are with the photos you post—what kind of content seems to resonate best?

3. Use Pinterest to Build an Authentic Brand

Pinterest is referred to as the social sharing platform for Millennial Moms, and indeed, the majority of active users are females are in the age demographic. Millennial women crave authenticity and dismiss brands that portray women in a uniform way. Pinterest is the ultimate platform for building an authentic visual snapshot and showcasing the lifestyle of your brand. If a business can deliver an authentic experience via Pinterest, Millennials will notice.

Marketing to Millennials requires creativity and a shift away from traditional business paradigms. Whether you use Pinterest for content co-creation, social listening, or building a more authentic brand, collaborating with Millennial customers will help to move the needle for your brand.

Pixlee TurnTo Contributor

Pixlee TurnTo welcomes contributed content from leading marketers, influencers and ecommerce experts.

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