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Influencer Marketing

3 Inspiring Influencer Marketing Campaigns on TikTok to Learn From

Social media marketers everywhere are exploring TikTok for new campaigns. And for good reason – TikTok offers some compelling statistics that marketers are noticing:

  • TikTok is one of the hottest social media platforms at the moment, with more than 800 million active users worldwide despite being launched in 2016
  • Over 40 percent of U.S.-based TikTok users are Generation Z and Millennials, or people between 20 and 39 years old
  • There are already many successful influencer campaigns on TikTok

With a relatively low barrier to entry and creative formats to take advantage of, the opportunities are ripe for brands growing their influencer marketing programs. Here are three inspiring and impactful influencer campaigns that are worth studying before launching your own campaign.

1. Kristen Hancher + Too Faced

Brand: Too Faced (cosmetics)Influencer: TikTok star Kristen Hancher (23.4 million followers)Product: Damn Girl mascaraThe collaboration between Kristen Hancher, one of the superstars on TikTok, and the cosmetic brand Too faced was created to popularize the latest mascara, is a great example of influencer marketing on TikTok.

In a series of sponsored videos, Hancher demonstrated how the product helped her to get a new look.

@kristenhancherDAMN my lashes look THICK! Wearing the toofaced DAMN GIRL mascara #TooFacedPartner #TFDamnGirl #sponsored♬ When I Get Going - Kallico

Too faced had just released the product, and they were looking to give it a boost by working with a well-known influencer. Teaming up with Kristen Hancher was a good decision, as her style matched the Too-Faced brand, and her videos were viewed more than 150,000 times on average, boosting the reach of the new product launch.

This video shows the main difference between Instagram and TikTok influencer videos. Since TikTok limits the length of the video to 60 seconds, shooting tutorials and how-tos isn’t exactly a good idea. But Hancher achieves the same effect with the “before-and-after” format. This quick and creative take on a new-product launch is just one of the many ways TikTok can boost reach.

2. HaueterFamily + F'real

Brand: F'real (milkshakes, smoothies, and frozen coffee)Influencer: HaueterFamily (3.2 million followers)Product: a milkshakeThis is an interesting case of influencer marketing because it features a family of small-scale influencers making amazing user-generated content. Haueterfamily is an account run by Kara Haueter where she appears with her kids and makes funny videos about their everyday life (one of the kids, Ian Haueter, has now his personal TikTok account with more than half a million followers).

The Haueters’ video for this campaign wasn’t an exception, as they promoted the brand in their usual humorous way.

@haueterfamily#sponsored You don’t want to mess with Jayden when he gets hangry therealfreal #ad #freal♬ original sound - haueterfamily

The main idea here was to show that F'real helps with “hanger”, a portmanteau of 'hungry' and 'angry'.The beauty of this campaign is that the influencers created both funny and relatable video, which lacks any mentions of the product’s features, still makes the name of the brand stuck in the viewer’s mind after watching

3. Mucinex + Multiple Influencers

Brand: MucinexInfluencer: Multiple influencers both nano and microProduct: NightShift (cold medicine)It’s not every day you see a social media influencer campaign featuring an over-the-counter cold medicine, so this one is particularly interesting.

The main idea here was to show that Municex can help to recover before an event or a meeting, and the influencers participating in the campaign make the process look, if you will, really cool.For example, the video from Nicktangorra begins with him being in bed and not looking super great. Then he takes Mucinex to feel better, and a miracle happens - in about five seconds, the video cuts to him recording a song in a studio, looking gorgeous.

@nicktangorraJust in time for Halloween, #mucinex has me feeling like a human again! #toosicktobesick #sponsored♬ #TooSickToBeSick - Join The Challenge

This was the main idea behind the campaign that was running with a branded hashtag #TooSickToBeSick. Every participating influencer posted their content during the flu season, which makes it more relevant for some of the viewers.

The most popular post of the campaign came from Chris and Sharla, a couple of influencers from Japan with 5.6 million followers. Check it out below.

@ourfireDon’t let a cold leave you feeling like a zombie 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️ #Mucinex #TooSickTobeSick #wakeuphuman #Sponsored♬ #TooSickToBeSick - Join The Challenge

The post picked up 980.9 likes and 1,500+ comments, seemingly unprecedented for an influencer video about cold medicine.

This campaign was a major success - in fact, the posts with #mucinex received 400 million views - for one more reason: user-generated content. If you search TikTok for #mucinex, you’ll find hundreds of posts from users from different countries.

The majority of online shoppers perceive user-generated content to be the most authentic and trustworthy, and TikTok's 'challenge' format naturally encourages user-generated content in hopes that a video will become viral.

Is TikTok The Next Hottest Place for Influencer Marketing?

It’s 2020, it’s a new decade, and the new generation of influencers is quickly rising. With this, we're seeing an incredible amount of successful content spanning various niches (yes, even cold medicine). While brands are still learning the ways how TikTok can help, influencer marketing gives brands a natural 'in' with the TikTok audience.

While you can still successfully advertise on TikTok, choosing influencers seems to be a more organic way that eliminates the effects of paid marketing. To make your campaigns on TikTok a success, you need to choose the right influencer marketing to represent your brand. Check this guide to attracting the right influencers on TikTok to know who’s the best person for your projects.Diana Nadim is a senior writer at BeGraded and Studyker who is fascinated by copywriting for digital marketing. After getting a degree in marketing, she is now preparing to study social media communications degree to become a professional researcher. In addition to writing, Diana also works as an editor at Top Essay Writing and Classy Essay to polish her skills of making user-friendly articles, research papers, case studies, and other content.

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