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Influencer Marketing

3 Easy Ways to Increase Sponsorship

Special thanks to Theresa Luu for her domain expertise and help on this piece! For many types of businesses, advertising is a key source of revenue. Publishers, sports organizations, event venues, travel destinations, and even universities and nonprofits are always looking for ways to create content to sponsor and build out their advertising catalogs. As online and social media advertising spend rises year over year, brands are relying more on digital and social media marketing to reach their target consumers. This includes advertising with the businesses listed above.

Using Pixlee, clients have increased their brand sponsorship and advertising revenues by creating new sponsorable assets. In addition to building out their catalogues, these programs often enrich the clients’ offering because the assets are so much more engaging, interactive, and social for the end consumer.

The following three programs/assets have been incredibly successful because they offer more than just placement, they leverage social media and influencer marketing which maximize lift and engagement.

1. Social Media Contests: Give customers an engaging and interactive way to participate with your brand. Sponsors love to buy assets that go beyond just impressions. Customize the contest or campaign to be relevant to both your brand and sponsors. For example, the Baltimore Ravens partnered with UTZ snacks to create a photo campaign that allowed fans to post pictures of gameday while enjoying UTZ products.

2. Social Live Event Displays: Display live real-time social walls at sporting events or at your venue to promote a sponsor and get fans submitting content at the event. Sponsors love this because it maximizes viewability of their placement. Fans love getting recognized and are incentivized to post more content and check out the live event display to see their submission. This is great asset to offer sponsors for any type of sporting venue, conference, or event.

3. Community Pages: Leverage your community to create interesting galleries and destinations for enthusiasts to return to. Encourage interaction with the content, your brand, and the sponsor. You’ll be able to market this as an incredibly high quality asset because of the it increases website reach and engagement.

Sponsors will continue to look for innovative ad programs that harness social content. Pixlee’s sponsor-able assets can provide a substantial addition to your digital catalog. Our programs are inherently social, engaging, interactive, and bring return traffic. It’s no surprise that our assets often receive significantly more traffic, clicks, and time on site than traditional ad placements.

Andrew Higgins
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