Influencer Management
and Measure

A centralized platform for Influencer Marketing.
Get Rid of Manual Spreadsheets and Messy Inboxes for Managing Influencers.

Maximize the Marketing Value of Your Most Passionate Customers
Organize, track, and manage a network of social influencers and brand ambassadors.
  • No More Manual Reporting

    Use our sophistated Social CRM to keep track of all your interactions with Influencers.

  • Connect Brand Influencers & Advocate with Actual Sales

    Manage influencer programs and connect efforts to a hard ROI. Monitor and track the business impact and success of your Influencer programs.

  • Create Stronger Relationships with Most Passionate Customers

    Reach out and connect with key customers through Pixlee's Message Center. Maintain a regular cadence with top customers and help create more 1:1 relationships with your most
    important customers.

  • Collect and Organize Content from Influencers

    Pixlee's Social CRM also collects the content and high performing content Influencers create about your brand.

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