Influencer Campaigns
and Galleries

Make Influencer Content Shoppable
and Publish Across Marketing Channels.

Influencer Content is an Engaging Visual Asset
Use high performing influencer content across Social, eCommerce sites, and email, to inspire shoppers
to engage and purchase.
  • Influencer impact
    Purchase Decisions

    Use the high quality assets being created by influencers to improve eCommerce conversion rates.

  • Extend the Value of
    Influencer Marketing

    News feeds and social media are ephemeral. Extend the life of your investment into Influencer Marketing by using their content in more channels.

  • Reduce Cost on
    Digital Creative Assets

    The content your influencer create will outperform stock and professional creative. It is authentic and scalable way to get more fresh content for all marketing channels.

  • Analytics Measure a Hard ROI

    Connect influencer marketing campaigns to actual sales and track the performance of different influencers and their content.

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