Social Contests & Campaigns

Launch social UGC contests and campaigns with Pixlee's with out-of-box mobile SDK.

Make Mobile App Experiences More Social
Build a stronger community and social element within your IOS & Android native apps. Celebrate real customers and incentivize fans to share about your brand across social media.
  • Keep Content Fresh Without Resubmitting Apps

    Remove headaches around app updates. Enable marketers to update content within a contest or campaign gallery without any development cycles.

  • Launch Seasonal Campaigns without Development

    Integrate Pixlee into your application once and launch new campaigns on the fly without touching a single line of code.

  • Increase Mobile Sales & Track Performance

    Complete analytics dashboard connects
    customer photos and influencers directly with
    app performance & sales.

  • Plug & Play Social Community for Native Apps

    Out-of-box mobile SDK make it easy to create a powerful social community directly in your native apps. Run photos contests and brand campaign that celebrate UGC from top influencers and advocates on mobile.

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