Brand Safety

When "Felt cute, might delete later" becomes "Please delete now"
Drive traffic with compelling content.

Consumers crave content from their favorite brands. Capture attention and drive site traffic with the authentic and diverse content that only your happy customers can provide.

own community content.

Protect your brand with a full suite of legal, accessibility, privacy, and security controls applied automatically.

"Before we used Pixlee, we lacked a comprehensive grasp of our data. Since implementing Pixlee, we have collected over 1,400 permissioned content assets and our reach has grown to around 19 to 25 million every month, thanks to our community."

- Carlo Morelli,

"Why wouldn't you want to have a platform that you're able to search by caption or handle or product then have a curated library of everything that you could ever want? Why wouldn't you like that!" 

- Natalie Moreno,
Senior Digital Marketing Manager,

Permission Request

Programmatically request and manage permission for every piece of content

Request and obtain permission from customers and influencers at scale. Log every permission request automatically in case of audit.


Ensure content is accessbile for every customer

Accessibility features like language localization, keyboard control, and contrast requirements are built into every Pixlee gallery.


Protect customer privacy and ensure legal compliance

Pixlee is GDPR certified by TrustArc and fully complies with CCPA guidelines to protect customer data privacy.


Protect your brand from unsavory content

Built in spam detection automatically screens offensive and abusive content. Automatically screen out competitive mentions or spammy content contributors.