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The Leading Social User-Generated Content Platform

Build a library of brand-ready visual content from social and your customers. Use Social UGC to improve engagement and conversion across your key marketing channels.
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Collect Content From Your Community


Collect authentic user-generated content from social media posts on TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and directly from customers.

Automate collection via #hashtag, @mention, and on-property direct uploads.

Consolidate content from across platforms, accounts, and campaigns into a central UGC platform.

Streamline quality control with built-in spam and brand protection filters.


Surface the highest quality assets with AI-powered visual search. Ensure brand safety with tech-enabled moderation and rights management.

Find and tag the exact asset you're looking for with Pixlee TurnTo's patented visual search features.

Approve or deny surfaced content to build a library of brand-approved assets.

Leverage Pixlee TurnTo certified curators and scale content approval.

Different publishing content


Turn your community's authenticcontent shoppable. Seamlessly collaborate across teams and regions.

Leverate smart product tagging and deep ecommerce integrations to directly tie your content to SKUs.

Handle region and team-specific logins, permissions, and product catalogs using a single Pixlee TurnTo account.


Feature shoppable content on your highest-traffic digital channels including website, email, and social. Repurpose content onto ads and in-store displays to extract maximum value and social proof.

Automatically highlight your highest-converting content with our Dynamic Display technology.

Fully customize the look and feel of each UGC gallery and display without any engineering resources using our one-time code drop.

Analyze & Measure The ROI, Dashboard
Different publishing content


Track the ROI on each piece of content - from brand awareness all the way through to conversion - to optimize and evolve your Social UGC marketing strategy.

Analyze the data to understand what drives engagement and conversion across different channels, content types, creators, and geographies.

Build and export custom reports to simplify KPI tracking and information sharing within the organization.

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"Between working with the Pixlee TurnTo team and using the tool has definitely made me an advocate. I've used other platforms in the past, and the different features that I'm able to use from this are substantially better. The fact that we're using Pixlee TurnTo cross-functionally across teams works for us. "

Chris Moynihan
Digital Marketing Director
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"UGC images convert really well - oftentimes better than our standard stylized images. UGC helps us create a look that is very aspirational, but is also attainable."

Natalie Moreno
Digital Marketing Manager
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"We couldn't get to this level of sophistication without Pixlee. It's not possible to do this manually and in different markets. Having this process automated with Pixlee just saves us so much time."

Ayoub El Mamoun
Global Social Media Manager
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The leading Social user-generated content Platform

Happy customers make the best marketers.
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Get inspirational content from your community of happy customers.

Gather photos and videos from across social media. Automatically search by #hashtag, @mention, or influencer.

Encourage customers to share content directly with your brand through email, web, or chat.

Ensure high quality content with automatic spam and brand protection filtering.



Connect your best content to commerce.

Moderate collected content to stay on brand across all channels.

Automatically sort content with image recognition and tags to find relevant content quickly.

Identify and tag product in photos with PIxlee's Smart Tagging AI and ecommerce integration.



Engage customers with shared content

Get permission to use customer photos and videos, and build brand loyalty at the same time.

Protect your brand by ensuring that no unapproved content gets published.

Manage multiple social accounts and business regions from a single platform.



Drive sales with authentic customer content, everywhere (across every touchpoint).

Easily publish customer content to ecommerce, social, email and ads with Pixlee's Publish Center.

Patented Dynamic Display Technology optimizes content in every display based on content performance.

Customize and update displays in real-time without changing the code on your site.



Build a data-driven content strategy.

Measure the ROI of your customer content in terms of views, engagement, and conversion.

Track performance by region, product, content, category, or overall.

Build and export custom reports for an even more detailed view of your content performance.



Find and manage your best influencers.

Discover brand advocates and social influencers who can help evangelize your brand.

Engage content contributors in 1:1 relationships to develop compelling content and foster engagement.

Manage and measure the impact and ROI of your influencer marketing program and content.

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