UGC and Influencer Marketing Platform

Harness the power of your customer stories

Unlimited access to cost effective content.
Social proof drives digital commerce.
Scaling word-of-mouth marketing and customer lifetime value.
Traffic from social
Average order value

Brand Safe Customer story platform

Tap into the wealth of high-quality creative generated by real customers to save on costs and time to market of visual assets.

Creating content is expensive and doesn't scale across digital touchpoints. Customers demand authenticity.

success stories
"Between working with the Pixlee team and using the tool, I've definitely become a Pixlee advocate. I've used other platforms in the past, and the different features that I'm able to use from this are substantially better. The fact that we're using Pixlee cross-functionally across teams works for us."
Chris Moynihan, Digital Marketing Director, Alo Yoga
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success stories
"My favorite thing about the Pixlee platform is that once it was set up, there were no technical requirements. It's all completely UI driven and user-driven. And we don't have to do any technical work to change anything. "
Reed Sutton, Cofounder, Revel Nail
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success stories
"Pixlee is constantly evolving. They're constantly updating their offering and Pixlee doesn't nickel and dime for each cool new feature the team wants to test. I like the fact that you give us the opportunity to prove that it's worth the investment before committing. The willingness to roll out features for our benefit is awesome."
Jonathan Bradbury, VP of Ecommerce, Nature's Bakery
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engage customers with authentic and relatable content

Consumers engage the most with authentic content that reflects a diverse community of happy customers.

Pixlee enables you to convert customers with relevant content in every channel, across the globe.

USE visual search To show the best content across all customer touchpoints

Personalized customer experiences drives product discovery, higher lifetime value, and customer loyalty.

Use timely and uniquely relevant content to increase customer purchases and brand affinity.

Pixlee automatically optimizes content on every channel for maximum performance.

Integrating your influencer and customer content

Amplify your influencer strategy and use their content across all marketing channels.

Discover and manage the right influencers to increase social media reach. Tie your influencer spend to commerce.

extend the value of
user-generated content