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Customer Success and Professional Services

Partnering with you for a smooth implementation and ongoing success.
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Pixlee TurnTo offers a range of services to get your implementation live quickly, supplement your team's day-to-day work, and improve your community engagement over time. Whether you want to run your own program or benefit from ongoing technical and operational support, we'll give you everything you need to be successful.
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Customer Success

Get strategic guidance from our customer success managers (CSMs), domain experts who work closely with you throughout the life of our relationship. They will train your users, identify opportunities for improvement or growth, share best practices and use cases, and perform regular health checks.

Moderation Services

For companies that are concerned about staffing their programs and protecting their brands, Pixlee TurnTo provides moderation services that supplement our automated moderation capabilities and your internal team. Our team uses the same tools that you use to perform our tasks and follows your brand guidelines.

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Implementation and Ongoing Integration Services

Our team of experts helps you configure Pixlee TurnTo solutions, integrate with your ecommerce platform, migrate content, and train your users. Choose from multiple implementation packages designed to accommodate the needs of the most complex ecommerce sites. All implementation service packages include project management and user training. We also offer optional solution engineers who are available to provide support and technical guidance on your initial implementation as well as subsequent post-launch projects such as new data requirements, large-scale SKU changes, new site features, version upgrades, replatforming, and more.

Professional & Design Services

For brands that want to create novel, unique customer experiences, Pixlee TurnTo offers a range of professional services that open up new possibilities to create value using your community content. Further customize the look-and-feel of your ratings and reviews, UGC galleries, lightboxes, or email galleries, beyond the settings supported by our widgets.

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Custom Servies & Reporting

We can develop custom solutions and reporting to better fit your desired customer experiences and monitor the success of your community programs. Custom services also include integrating to Digital Asset Management (DAM) platforms, CRM or loyalty solutions, mobile apps, digital advertising platforms, chatbots, and much more.

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