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Key Feature
Social UGC + Ratings & Reviews

Joint (Visual & Text) Review Galleries

Combine product reviews with visual UGC to maximize content volume and conversion.
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Turn your community into a valuable brand asset by weaving both text-based and visual customer content into your marketing strategy. Generate sales, engagement, and brand affinity by showcasing real customer experiences at every step of the shopping journey.
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Consolidate Content Management to One Platform

Save resources, speed up development cycles, and increase integration capabilities between UGC and product reviews.

Diversify On-Site Displays of Customer Proof

Feature product reviews, Q&A, Checkout Comments, and Seller Ratings alongside Social UGC via customizable site widgets. Create shoppable galleries of community-driven content.

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Pixlee TurnTo platform listing SKUs and tagging those products in Instagram posts

Circulate Positive Feedback Across Marketing Channels

Repurpose your most effective UGC and product reviews across social, email, web, ecommerce, and mobile to maximize business impact.

Compare Performance Across Content Types

Determine what formats of customer feedback best drive sales and engagement. Double down on the content that converts.

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