“Every time we do a campaign that we're really pushing on all channels, we use a Pixlee TurnTo landing page for it, because it's the only way that we can get in there with our skill set and build a landing page because we're not engineers."
Milli Jenkins
Social Media Manager


Engagement rate on Pixlee TurnTo-hosted landing pages


Approved UGC collected from contests

~3B impressions

Generated with #WishFromHome campaign

Based in San Francisco, Wish is known for making shopping fun, by creating a personalized shopping experience for each customer while managing large-scale operations between buyers and sellers. Partnering with over 100 million manufacturers, Wish prides itself on providing affordable prices catered towards consumers on high-quality products. The community and social team, who manage a high-volume of content and campaigns, needed a platform that would build upon the brand’s existing social listening capabilities while augmenting user-generated content (UGC) collection – all while saving the team time. To power their community-driven efforts, the Wish community team turned to Pixlee TurnTo.

Social Media Contests + Influencers at the Forefront

As a consumer-driven brand, Wish engages their social community and influencers through contests with Pixlee TurnTo. Not only is the team able to generate impressive engagement from these campaigns, it’s able to collect brand-approved content that can later be re-used in other marketing channels.

“It's just really great to share with our community and show [through contests] that we do have cool, fun customers and followers who just have great creativity.” - Jasmine Brown, Social Media Project Manager

Utilizing Pixlee TurnTo landing pages to create an interactive gallery for each contest, Wish saw an uptick in both content engagement and submissions. The brand’s White Elephant contest garnered a 42.9% engagement rate, and its Halloween 2019 campaign generated over 200 submissions.

“My first full project was on Pixlee TurnTo...it was very user friendly for me, learning the tool. And then gathering the UGC was pretty fun, and seeing how much great content that our followers and our customers do tag us in.” - Jasmine Brown, Social Media Project Manager

Globally Accessible Community Content For Any Occasion

Impacted by COVID-19-related obstacles to traditional content creation, Wish began relying heavily on UGC collection to bolster campaigns and create authentic content that would convert browsers into buyers. 

Wish also sought to improve its social listening to collect content for any campaign or occasion. With Pixlee TurnTo, Wish collects, approves, and curates a significantly high volume of content from its global community – all in one place. This also includes custom language filtering for the international social teams, as well.

“Wish’s other regions rely on Pixlee TurnTo as well as the U.S. It’s impactful just to see the imagery from our customers and our followers – we’re able to see how they engage with the brand and tag us. That kind of listening with Pixlee TurnTo helps us tell our brand story.” - Jasmine Brown, Social Media Project Manager

With thoughtful tagging, the team at Wish is able to collect content that supports different seasonal campaigns – across multiple teams. Pixlee TurnTo acts as a digital asset management supplement for the team, to boost UGC for specific themes and goals.

Workflows to Save Time 

Ultimately, Pixlee TurnTo makes content curation, discovery, permissioning, and approval simple for the Wish team. Wish Social Media Manager Milli Jenkins shares how the mobile app saves time in approving content.

“One of the reasons I liked Pixlee TurnTo was because there's an app, so I can accept or reject UGC on my phone when commuting to and from work. And that saved me a lot of time, initially, when I started.” - Milli Jenkins, Social Media Manager

Between custom functionality and ease of use, Pixlee TurnTo enables the Wish team to bring their highly-engaged community of fans returning and advocating for the brand.

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