“The collection and utilization of user-generated content is a key factor in all of our marketing strategies. Having a platform that not only enables us to access and permission that content but also easily engage in conversations with our customers is a key priority for us.”
Catherine Seaton
VP of Marketing


Increase in Repeat Visit Rate With Pixlee TurnTo-Powered UGC


Increase in Conversion Rate

Fashion-forward women’s apparel brand Windsor boasts a wide age range when it comes to customers. The brand’s typical customer shares her life on social media, following fashion influencers for style inspiration. To collect and curate this user-generated content (UGC) as a key piece of the brand’s marketing strategy while sharing the customer's Windsor journey, Windsor sought out Pixlee TurnTo. 

Building a Lifelong Brand Connection with Customers

Windsor prides itself on building lasting relationships with its audience. As an occasion-driven business, this means a 14-year-old girl may buy her middle school graduation dress and later her wedding dress from Windsor. Windsor shoppers often turn to social media and influencers for outfit inspiration. With the Pixlee TurnTo platform, the Windsor team is able to easily manage and permission that inspirational content while authentically engaging in conversation with customers.

“Our mission is to provide an oasis that inspires and empowers women, and part of that is making sure that we use the platform we have in a very positive way that lives that up to that, and that really recognizes and celebrates each woman for who she is.”

Customers who interacted with Pixlee TurnTo-powered content were 200% more likely to return to Windsor’s site, and were 3x more likely to convert.

Reflecting Diversity in UGC

For Windsor, catching the eye of customers as early as 8th grade means championing the differences that make each woman unique to encourage an inclusive community. A 14-year-old and a 40-year-old can rock the same dress, but might style it differently. This is where UGC comes in; Windsor helps customers envision what apparel will look like on them by sharing content from individuals with diverse backgrounds, ages, and body types.

“UGC is powerful because when you can see someone similar to you, whether it's skin tone, or body shape, you feel more comfortable in understanding how that's going to look on you.”
Windsor’s “Prom Dress Trends for Every Girl” page.

Looking forward, the brand hopes to drive more customer engagement and virtual experiences that cater to connection and human relationships. Windsor’s team plans to further the brand’s success with UGC through an on-site, holistic page featuring apparel for every occasion to guide the Windsor shopper through her online shopping experience. 

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