"Pixlee TurnTo is a very cost-effective platform for a very small team and has enabled us to capture and use the highest quality user-generated content very quickly and efficiently. Having our loyal customers and foodies help amplify our brand is a key part of our marketing and our success as a company."
Chip Overstreet


Increase in revenue attributed to Pixlee TurnTo over 4 months


Increase in repeat-visit rate with Pixlee TurnTo


Increase in time spent on-site with Pixlee TurnTo

How Spiceology Shifted to Embrace Consumers with Pixlee TurnTo

Spiceology is a unique brand with a creative line of spices, herbs, chilis, and blends tailored primarily to professional chefs and restaurateurs. But in the wake of business closures and social distancing measures wrought on by COVID-19, the restaurant industry took a major hit. So did Spiceology.

With restaurant closures happening everywhere, the Spiceology team quickly shifted their focus back to what put them on the map in the first place -- innovating around flavor to “wow” consumers and help them create deliciousness in their kitchens. To engage these consumers while continuing to have a strong dialog and connection with chefs, the team turned to Pixlee TurnTo.

Social Conversations Worth Joining

Although the Spiceology team was keen on collecting user-generated content, Pixlee TurnTo’s social listening capability appealed highly to the team. Part of the goal of this community-driven brand was to not only find the conversations around the brand but join in at impactful points.

“When consumers and chefs first see our brand, it makes them smile, and when they try our products, they fall in love and want to share. We're fortunate to have such incredible engagement and usage of #spiceology, and Pixlee TurnTo helps us quickly and efficiently get to and leverage elevated content across every channel."

Since the pivot around February, the team has seen a 10X increase in revenue attributed to Pixlee TurnTo.

Small Team, Quick Pivot, Big Goals

Seeing these sorts of results in the wake of the team’s increased focus on the direct-to-consumer market is profound, especially considering the team’s need to achieve scale. And ramping up new campaigns with social distancing measures in effect posed another unique challenge as branded content and photoshoots became more and more difficult. Luckily, the agile team at Spiceology was able to rally around their community.

“We've got a very small marketing team, and to generate the amount of content we need to support our campaigns would be cost-prohibitive. User-generated content is validation. It's not super polished, but it is real. We’re using Pixlee TurnTo to capture authentic content in a cost-effective way.” – Jeanne Ryan, VP of Marketing

Not only is the content cost-effective for the team, but it’s also performing exceptionally well. The repeat visit rate to the Spiceology website is 152% higher than it was prior to implementing Pixlee TurnTo.

Navigating Uncertain Times with Technology

Despite the challenges associated with an audience pivot and the other outlying uncertainties 2020 has brought forth, brands like Spiceology prove that with the right technology and an agile team, growth and success are possible.

“With Pixlee TurnTo, we’re able to easily get permission to use customer content – which we leverage for our fastest growing channel, our website. Our website has been doubling in traffic volume every month” – Jeanne Ryan, VP of Marketing

No matter the audience, the team at Spiceology will continue to rely on the agility brought to them by using Pixlee TurnTo.

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