Rocky Mountain Oils

“Checkout Comments give a sense of community because people can see what our customers are saying right on our homepage. It reinforces that although we’re ecommerce, we are a community of people who are like-minded and passionate about the products.”
Nyah Davis
Marketing Manager

Top 7.5%

Rocky Mountain Oils' Checkout Comments Page Rank

Essential oils brand Rocky Mountain Oils was built on a foundation of integrity and honesty, aiming to help individuals embrace nature’s healing properties through natural remedies. As an ecommerce-only brand, Rocky Mountain Oils cultivates loyalty and community through email, social, site, and SMS marketing. To further foster community and give its fans a place to share their brand experiences, Rocky Mountain Oils opted for Pixlee TurnTo.

Establishing Trust and Dialogue Through Checkout Comments

Building customer-proof digitally can be a challenge, but with Pixlee TurnTo’s Checkout Comments, Rocky Mountain Oils has seen significant engagement and an uptick in valuable customer feedback. Creating an on-site pinboard of Checkout Comments from customers, the brand’s team collects useful feedback while giving site visitors a direct avenue to customer sentiment on specific products.

“We use Checkout Comments for our marketing content. We are able to quickly screen-grab what people are saying about our products and we then share it on our Instagram and Facebook. Checkout Comments make it really easy to showcase that positive sentiment.”

The brand’s pinboard page of Checkout Comments ranks 31st out of 419 site pages, behind homepage, checkout, login, and top products. This feedback is especially valuable for the Rocky Mountain Oils team in spotlighting niche or expensive products that don’t typically garner as many organic reviews.

Pixlee TurnTo gives Rocky Mountain Oils customers a snapshot of the brand’s products and what people are saying about them, increasing purchase confidence. The Checkout Comments page value ranks higher than average, with performance in the top 7.5% of the Rocky Mountain Oils site.

“Typically, people wouldn’t have the time or ability to go through our whole catalog of products. But once shoppers see our Checkout Comments, they get an understanding of why people are using our products, which increases the likelihood of a new purchase.”

Quality Reviews to Meet Ecommerce KPIs

Customer feedback acquired via Pixlee TurnTo is valuable to Rocky Mountain Oils not only as an on-site conversation-building strategy, but also as authentic content to reshare on the brand’s social profiles and within marketing emails.

“A big thing right now is forming genuine and authentic relationships with each one of our customers, whether it’s through emails, our website, or social media. We want to have real conversations and reach them on an emotional level”

Rocky Mountain’s customer service team uses the site’s Ratings & Reviews and Checkout Comments display to show anecdotal content on products when shoppers ask about them. The brand’s affiliates also direct interested consumers to this content to showcase the overwhelming loyalty and positive feedback from existing customers.

“We don’t have any retail stores, so there isn’t any face-to-face communication with our customers. We rely heavily on Reviews and Checkout Comments as a way for us to share what people are liking to our customers and consumers and to have it easily accessible to them.”

The Rocky Mountain Oils team knows the value of community-driven content; consumers don’t want to buy a product unless they can see people like them vouching for it. Pixlee TurnTo helps Rocky Mountain Oils streamline word-of-mouth marketing by amplifying the voices of its customers.

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