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"My favorite thing about the Pixlee TurnTo platform is that once it was set up, there were no technical requirements. It's all completely UI driven and user-driven. And we don't have to do any technical work to change anything."
Reed Sutton


Increase in site conversions post implementation


Repeat visit rate after implementing Pixlee TurnTo


Decrease in PDP abandonment

How Revel Nail Uses Influencers and UGC to Drive More Sales

Visual proof and cosmetics go hand in hand. In the case of Revel Nail, user-generated content and influencer marketing are a match made in heaven for their unique line of nail dip. The product, which spans a multitude of colors and styles lends itself to beautiful content, which its highly engaged customer base happily shares on social media. Harnessing these stories was a no brainer for the marketing team at Revel Nail. But to effectively manage influencers, UGC, tag all the variations of their product and use data to determine the best performing content, the Revel Nail team turned to Pixlee TurnTo.

Find the Right Influencers and Manage Campaigns

Many brands, including Revel Nail, are seeing huge success with micro-influencers. But managing the content, permissions and contact information around these influencers requires a significant amount of organization. With Pixlee TurnTo, however, Revel Nail’s team is able to manage all the influencers within a smart CRM.

"We're using Pixlee TurnTo for Creators to store all influencer content, and then make sure everything's permissioned so that we don't have to constantly ask influencers to use their photos. It's just already there and available."

This has led to a two percent decrease in abandon rate, which for one product page that gets 40,000 visits per month equates to as much as $25,000 per month in revenue.

UGC for all Product Variations

With products like Revel Nail’s, showing different color variations as they appear on real people is critical to creating a good user experience. This nuance is a capability that the Revel Nail team particularly loved about Pixlee TurnTo.

"What Pixlee TurnTo allowed us to do is change the user-generated content that was shown for a product based on the SKU selection; none of the other UGC products that we looked at could do that. For example, previously, if you chose a starter kit and picked a different color, the only photo you would be able to see was like a swatch associated with that product."

This multivariant tagging helped the team fill a content gap while also increasing conversion rates and building a brand community by incorporating customer and influencer images.

Checkout Comments™ to Showcase Post-Purchase Positivity

With Pixlee TurnTo Checkout Comments™, Revel Nail captures insight into purchase motivation that traditional reviews might miss, immediately after purchase. The brand gathered 1870 Checkout Comments™ in the first five days of implementing the feature and displays this positive customer sentiment on product pages to provide an extra layer of social proof.

Ease of Use and Agility — Instantly

Exceptionally robust functionality is only useful if its easily implemented. With Pixlee TurnTo, Revel Nail was able to launch within a matter of days with no developer time needed.

"We have a part-time web developer who's specialty is some BigCommerce tweaking. We were able to get both the homepage gallery and the product listing photos integrated with Pixlee TurnTo on BigCommerce without any actual developer-time needed. It was all pretty out of the box stuff, just plugging Pixlee TurnTo into ours, and then linking our catalog."

Since then, maintaining and updating has been smooth sailing.

“Implementing was just me approving photos. Plus, if a user mentioned the colors, most of the time the product is already tagged thanks to Pixlee TurnTo. So all I have to do is just hit send on the permission. Ongoing, it's been very easy to use that feature as well.”

Between the ease of use, multivariant tagging and influencer CRM functionality, Revel Nail is able to power a best-in-class web experience for their passionate community of nail dip enthusiasts.

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