Raymour & Flanigan

“Pixlee TurnTo’s shopper authentication is fantastic! It saves our customers’ time and any frustration in having to re-enter basic information that Raymour & Flanigan already has.”
Sara Ravesi
Director of Digital Marketing

100% Increase

In Verified Buyer Reviews

The Challenge

How to get more verified reviews

Buying furniture is a big deal for most people. Shoppers weigh a lot of information, including the opinions of their peers. “Customer reviews are very important to Raymour & Flanigan because furniture is such a considered purchase,” says Sara Ravesi, Director of Digital Marketing for Raymour & Flanigan. “The more legitimate reviews we have, the better informed our customers are to make more confident buying decisions. They are also particularly great for SEO.”

But getting those reviews turned out to be challenging. To ensure authenticity, the Raymour & Flanigan team decided to only accept reviews from verified buyers. But verifying the users involved a multi-step sign-in process that ultimately discouraged customers. The team needed a streamlined platform to make it simpler for customers to verify themselves.

The Solution

Pixlee TurnTo’s one-click verification process

Raymour & Flanigan found their answer in Pixlee TurnTo, which gave them the ability to use existing customer profile information to make review authentication simpler. Pixlee TurnTo was able to instantly match Raymour & Flanigan reviewers to their purchase history. Through Pixlee TurnTo, past Raymour & Flanigan customers receive personalized emails inviting them to assign a simple star rating to a product they purchased.

After taking that step, the customer is invited to leave a longer review. Authentication happens seamlessly, so the user doesn’t hit a login roadblock or have to remember a password. Pixlee TurnTo’s review tools are fully optimized for mobile devices, another bonus for that makes things easier for customers.

The bottom line: The volume of verified reviews doubled from the first day Raymour & Flanigan implemented Pixlee TurnTo.

What’s more, the Raymour & Flanigan team benefited from greater customization and improved reporting and administration. Pixlee TurnTo empowered Raymour & Flanigan to gain new merchandising insights and share reviews across SKUs with variants such as color and fabric.

Pixlee TurnTo is the perfect fit for a retailer who wants to start getting a high volume of authentic, quality reviews fast. And it made all the difference at Raymour & Flanigan, where furniture shoppers now have access to more reviews than ever before to help them make informed buying decisions.

“Pixlee TurnTo always takes great care of us. We focus a lot on customer service and, in turn, have high expectations from our vendors. Pixlee TurnTo exceeds our customer service expectations.”
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