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“From A to Z, the Pixlee platform helps us get it done. Whether it's finding great content, crafting expertly optimized posts, Pixlee makes it so easy. We love that you can request permission and get content scheduled and pushed live automatically. The ability to handle it all in one platform is a major win for us.”
Lauren Benson
Social Media Manager


Increase in Repeat-Visit Rate With Pixlee


Increase in Conversion With Pixlee-Powered UGC


Engagement Rate in Product Page UGC Galleries

Online nursery decor retailer Project Nursery began as a community for new parents looking for nursery design inspiration, but has since blossomed into a marketplace for outfitting perfect spaces for kids. Looking for a consolidated solution to collect, curate, and display the user-generated content (UGC) its artistic community is continuously bursting with, Project Nursery chose Pixlee.

Automating the Full UGC Life Cycle

Pixlee gives Project Nursery the ability to to handle all things UGC in one easy-to-use platform. From seamlessly collecting nursery UGC, to quickly permissioning and automatically publishing content, Project Nursery’s team can complete everything all in one place. Additionally, site visitors are 316% more likely to return to the brand’s website after interacting with Pixlee-powered content.

“From A to Z, we can do it all through Pixlee. We can set up what we need to find the content that we're looking for, easily request permission to use it, and then get it scheduled or pushed live automatically. We love the ability to have it all handled within one platform.”

This holistic aspect of Pixlee’s platform also proves helpful in managing social media content. Automating collection and publishing gives the brand’s team the flexibility to choose the right content for their channels without being slowed down by manual processes.

“As a social media manager, Pixlee just makes my life easier. I'm a heavy user of Pixlee...I lean very heavily on Pixlee for general curation and our whole content program.”

Customer Content for Authenticity and Inspiration

UGC serves as an asset to Project Nursery from both community and ecommerce viewpoints; the brand saw a 4x lift in conversion rate in the first six months with Pixlee. Project Nursery’s team appreciates how UGC adds authenticity to its shoppers’ experiences by amplifying real customer stories, increasing the odds they’ll make a purchase.

“The shoppable feature that Pixlee provides, along with the display widgets within the product pages have been really great for conversion. It gives people the ability to picture what this item would look like in their home or nursery — and adds credibility as well.”

Pixlee widgets also offer a personalized experience to shoppers looking for interior design inspiration specific to certain furniture or other products. Customizable filters on these UGC galleries give Project Nursery a competitive edge when it comes to online shopping experience.

A plethora of existing user-generated content is now made more manageable for Project Nursery, and the Pixlee team brings top-tier support and communication as the brand continues to explore the platform’s versatility.

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