“At the end of the day, the volume of content we've been able to get from Pixlee TurnTo would have taken us months or years to create if we were just building it ourselves.”
Ben Thompson
Digital Product Manager


Increase in Time Spent On Site


Increase in Repeat-Visit Rate


Increase in Conversion Rate

Ooni gives anyone the opportunity to bake amazing pizza in their backyard. From selling world-class pizza ovens, accessories and ingredients to sharing pizza-making resources and recipes, Ooni continues to cultivate an engaged community of enthusiastic customers. To integrate user-generated content (UGC) from community members with its ecommerce and social media strategies, Ooni opted for Pixlee TurnTo.

Increased Content Volume & Authenticity

With Pixlee TurnTo’s automatic UGC collection and curation capabilities, Ooni is able to access a wide range of brand-related social media posts from an engaged cooking community. Most users are happy to give the brand permission to reuse their content, and displaying this content on-site drove a 185% increase in time spent on site and a 272% increase in repeat visit rate.

"UGC was becoming more and more of a trend on ecommerce websites and marketing in general. We wanted to leverage UGC because we sell a very visual product; people love to see pizza baking."

The Ooni team values Pixlee TurnTo-powered UGC as an avenue to tell authentic customer stories both on social media and on-site. This strategy lets the brand audience know that anyone can start their journey with pizza making.

“It's nice for people to see images and videos that aren't just the polished kind of marketing content that the brand puts out there. It's actually real people using our product in the wild. That really, really helps drive conversions and let shoppers see what it's actually like to use and interact with our products.”

Instant access diverse UGC fills Ooni’s marketing channels with a high volume of mouth-watering content at scale, ultimately powering a 1.3X lift in average order value and 2X increase in conversion rate.

Cross-Team Collaboration & Goal-Oriented Success Metrics

Ooni gets the maximum value out of its customers’ UGC by featuring content in new sales and marketing campaigns as well as in on-site, shoppable displays. The brand’s ecommerce, email, marketing, and social teams all leverage the Pixlee TurnTo platform to source and reuse high-value UGC.

“We've mostly used UGC on our product display pages, and also for certain specific landing pages and campaigns. Having that dynamic content really helps bring those pages to life.”

In addition to improving the brand’s overall volume of marketing content, Pixlee TurnTo has improved Ooni’s website engagement as well as other ecommerce metrics.

“Improvement of key engagement metrics like time spent on-site and having more people interact with our content was our expectation, and Pixlee TurnTo certainly delivered on that.”

The Ooni team looks forward to continuing rolling out Pixlee TurnTo shoppable widgets as new website pages are built, and consistently maintains a community focus throughout its marketing strategy with UGC.

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