Northview Hotel Group

"Pixlee TurnTo is essentially saving us a ton of time. We’re able to go into one dashboard to manage our social content instead of spending our time searching through each platform."
Chris Callahan
VP of Marketing at Northview Hotels and Resorts

How Northview Streamlines All Content Operations with Pixlee TurnTo

Northview Hotel Group manages multiple independent and branded hotel properties across the United States. Their model thrives on their ability to make opportunistic hotel investments and to bring these properties to life through developing the right resources and telling unique stories to attract new transient and group guests.

But managing the marketing operations for these spread out properties can be costly and time consuming for the team. Having a set of photographers for each hotel to create dynamic and seasonally relevant content for their marketing wasn’t going to scale, but to attract new guests, Northview needed a solution. To make their content operations smoother and more scalable, Northview turned to Pixlee TurnTo.

From Property to Vacation Destination

Conveying a rebrand to your audience is hard. How can you inspire a new audience to trust a brand they’ve already pigeonholed in their minds? For Northview, this was the very problem they faced with the Jekyll Island Club. Simply changing the name to Jekyll Island Club Resort and updating the property wasn’t going to transform public opinion overnight. But once the word was out, and the property began attracting new guests, they saw a domino effect with their content.

“One of the main reasons that we use and like Pixlee TurnTo is for a property like Jekyll Island Club Resort. We can very quickly and accurately show past and future guests all of the improvements we've made at the resort quickly, and more genuinely than scheduling a costly photo or video shoot.”

Tell an Authentic Story at Scale

Capturing high-quality images and videos that convey the right brand message for each unique property was a core challenge for the Northview Hotel Group. With the marketing team’s core operations located in Oregon, they needed to find a way to scale their content. By using location tags, mentions, and community-driven marketing, they streamlined their content process.

“A lot of the social platforms are managed in Oregon, even for hotels that are 3,000 miles away. So instead of relying on somebody on the property, we are able to go in and capture all these photo assets. Pixlee TurnTo allows us to find and share UGC faster and easier.”

Rebrand, Repost, Succeed

Northview has seen success with Pixlee TurnTo to not only lower content costs but to create an easier workflow for team members crafting the brands of their properties.

“We can tell our own story, but we can do it through several unique lenses. People love the improvements that we've made at our hotels and resorts and are eager to share their experiences.”
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