"It's fairly well documented that customers want to hear from customers, they don't trust brands. The voice of the customer on site is super critical for any direct-to-consumer brand, especially a youthful brand like Nixon."
Gary Penn
Global VP, Ecommerce and Digital


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Why Nixon, Inc. uses Pixlee TurnTo to Power their Global UGC

Nixon, Inc. is a leading premium accessories brand for independents, creatives and free-thinkers. Well known for a highly-engaged fanbase, Nixon embraces the voice of their community on their website to build trust. When it became clear that Nixon's passionate fanbase resonated with UGC, Nixon's direct to consumer team chose to adopt Pixlee TurnTo to bring their customer voice to life.

Global Functionality for a Global Brand

As a global brand, it’s important for the Nixon team to be able to deploy region specific UGC where applicable. Offering UGC in the site visitor’s language with images that resonate with global audiences is a key part of their dedication to good user experience.

“We wanted a platform that would be fast to integrate. And we had specific requirements around what showed on each product detail page. We needed to be able to handle multi-brand and, most importantly, four regions and six languages. It was a very difficult thing to find in a platform. It's a feature that actually pretty quickly eliminates a lot of the competition.”

Nixon’s laser focus on their customer led them to Pixlee TurnTo, the only UGC platform that could support robust global capability.

Turning Brand Impressions into Lasting Engagements

With impressive engagement on Instagram, Nixon’s direct to consumer team sought ways to funnel that engagement deeper within the brand. By spreading high-quality UGC to even more pages and languages on the site, Nixon was able to impact the engagement rate with the brand in increasingly impactful ways.

“We not only see a super high engagement rate on platforms like Instagram, but it's translating into a high engagement rate within UGC on-site because people are tagging us and engaging with us and, want to be part of the brand story.”

Nixon saw a 24% increase in repeat visits for Pixlee TurnTo-engaged visitors, a clear sign that these customers found the UGC on-site to be engaging and relatable.

Expanding a Partnership to Surpass Engagement Goals

As the Nixon team continues to realize the value of customer content on every channel, they see the Pixlee TurnTo platform as a strategic partner to their growth as a community-driven brand.

“Every quarter we realize we should be taking advantage of more aspects of the platform because there's a lot of untapped potential in Pixlee TurnTo. I would say that Nixon's had great success with Pixlee TurnTo.”
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