"The Pixlee TurnTo team always follows through. Even at the very beginning, they made themselves available to attend all of my training sessions for our internal teams."
Carmelina Cafarelli
Digital Experience Manager, Global Digital Flagship at Nike

Nike's prowess in the athletic industry has been established over decades, with the multinational corporation now selling apparel, equipment, accessories, and services in addition to its renowned footwear. Boasting a dedicated brand community, the brand needed an efficient customer feedback solution that captured customer sentiment for its wide variety of products that could also provide merchandising insight for the global organization. To gain deeper sentiment analysis from its passionate community of customers and further grow as the world's most community-driven brand, Nike chose Pixlee TurnTo as their strategic partner.

Pixlee TurnTo's Commitment to a Strategic Partnership

Nike values Pixlee TurnTo as a strategic partner to streamline review management, but also as a trusted resources to help create and build the brand's visions from the perspective of the community. Through multiple communication channels and fastidious attention to detail, the Pixlee TurnTo team ensures that Nike's review insights and review coverage are providing best in class insights to the team.

Nike takes a unique approach to Pixlee TurnTo's customer feedback platform, capitalizing on custom integrations and measurement strategies to enhance review collection from top sellers and review aggregators via custom reports. These custom reports provide critical insight for Nike's design and merchandising teams helping to tie customer feedback as directly to product innovation as possible.

"We are relying on the custom dashboards that Pixlee TurnTo built to inform community-driven business decisions. We always had a vision of the insights we wanted to glean from our customer feedback, but Pixlee TurnTo helped bring that vision to life. And even since launching, they've enhanced the dashboards to help us gain even more insight."

These custom dashboards help to connect valuable product feedback to core ecommerce metrics both quantitatively and qualitatively. For example, the Pixlee TurnTo dashboards enable the Nike team to gain visibility into reviews on-site in different languages, quantify review syndication success, and track weekly ratings over time. Managing and analyzing this review data gives the team a way to convey the significance of customer feedback to other departments within the company.

"Before using Pixlee TurnTo, if our internal team wanted to get a gauge of what consumers were saying, they had to look through disparate sources to try to find answers. In our partnership with Pixlee TurnTo, the dashboard has been very valuable and it's a very efficient way for our teams to look at the data."

Maximizing Review Coverage and Visibility for Brand Growth

Upon partnering with Pixlee TurnTo, Nike was looking to increase review coverage and visibility to the brand team. Using review-driven data and customer sentiment gathered through Pixlee TurnTo, Nike is able to improve its greater product strategy and consumer experience both online and in-store.

"Pixlee TurnTo enables a high level of visibility to the team, which we share cross-functionally. Our product, merchandising, and brand teams can use those insights to understand what customers are saying as well as to plan future offerings."

Nike continues to enhance its review collection and management strategies, and appreciates the Pixlee TurnTo team's dedication to helping the brand's team design, develop, and create a long-term community feedback strategy.

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