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"Pixlee TurnTo solves a lot of problems across many departments – like ecommerce and social. I think that anyone using Pixlee TurnTo needs to understand the breadth of the platform to take advantage of all the different features offered within it. If it's just being managed by one department you're not really taking advantage of everything Pixlee TurnTo can do."
Jonathan Bradbury
VP of Ecommerce


More likely to return with Pixlee TurnTo


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More likely to purchase with Pixlee TurnTo

How Nature’s Bakery Improves Content Engagement by 125% with Pixlee TurnTo

Nature’s Bakery has been changing the snack world since it’s founding in 2011. Founded by father and son bakers, Dave & Sam, Nature’s Bakery believes in simple, wholesome snacks that are the best fuel for active, joyful lives. While Nature’s Bakery sells most products through retail partners, its community-focused website helps to educate and connect customers to the brand, regardless of where they decide to purchase. To boost onsite engagement and create a cohesive brand experience across retail partners, Nature’s Bakery turned to Pixlee TurnTo.

Brand Awareness and Lift Across All Channels

The Ecommerce and Marketing teams at Nature’s Bakery are dedicated to lifting the brand and driving sales, while also building an engaged community around the brand through data-driven decisions. VP of Ecommerce, Jonathan Bradbury explains:

“Tools like Pixlee TurnTo come into play and help with engagement and brand awareness, but also help bring people into our conversion funnel within our site. That’s really helpful because then we can use that data to inform some of our bigger media spends. It all comes down to data and audiences these days with media. Having the right data helps build connections to people across different channels – from native media to social, and even search. Having control over your own data is really the currency.”

Using their brand website as a testing ground and data-gathering property helps Nature’s Bakery make the most of media spend and other channels, making sure they’re serving the right content in the right place, at the right time. And when it comes to KPI’s, the team at Nature’s Bakery ensures they’re partnering with the right technology partners to ensure success.

“I’ve worked with Pixlee TurnTo at another company and I saw really good results where people were buying more often. They were also buying higher amounts because of their interactions with Pixlee TurnTo. So that is really what I'm trying to replicate here. Ultimately, it's because of prior proven success with the Pixlee TurnTo platform that we became partners at Nature’s Bakery.”

Ease of Use and Syndication on

Getting their content live quickly across all channels was important for the team at Nature’s Bakery. Thankfully with Pixlee TurnTo, moving quickly with content is baked into the product.

“Pixlee TurnTo made the most sense because of the simplicity of installation, controls within the platform, how easy it is to get permission, set up a and customize gallery. I had experience with some others that weren’t as easy.”

Getting content deployed across was a game-changer for Nature’s Bakery, as well. But it wasn’t the only reason why Nature’s Bakery knew they could rely on Pixlee TurnTo.

“Certain things like the syndication to Walmart are important because we are a brand – anything we can do to benefit our bigger business is key.  DTC is frosting on the cake. So we absolutely want to see those features. I've worked with other providers where you get their software and then their support just disappears.  You don't really have a lot of help. The team at Pixlee TurnTo has been really helpful in helping us get the most out of the platform.”

Innovation Partners to Grow With

Getting the most out of the Pixlee TurnTo platform is one of the ways Nature’s Bakery is able to create the most relatable experience on its brand site and other channels. Nature’s Bakery can rely on the Pixlee TurnTo team to help support their growth.

“Pixlee TurnTo really helps recognize that not everybody's got the time or expertise that somebody who works at Pixlee TurnTo does with the platform and so the team has been really great about jumping in and trying to outline functionality and processes. They give us really simple actionable steps to make progress on different challenges we're trying to solve.”

This is especially important as the Pixlee TurnTo platform is constantly changing, and the team is able to utilize new functionality like email galleries to test and see if it impacts their KPIs.

“Pixlee TurnTo is constantly evolving. They're constantly updating their offering and Pixlee TurnTo doesn't nickel and dime for each cool new feature the team wants to test. I like the fact that you give us the opportunity to prove that it's worth the investment before committing. The willingness to roll out new features for our benefit is awesome.”

From syndicating content on to testing Pixlee TurnTo widgets in emails, the team at Nature’s Bakery continues to grow and learn how to get the most value out of Pixlee TurnTo.

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