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“UGC has been great in terms of filling out our social media profiles and also helping with digital ads and emails. We just love how it acts as a testimony for new customers.”
Karen Wu
Social Media Specialist


Engagement Rate on Mother's Day Contest


Pieces of UGC collected in each month

Nursery furniture brand Million Dollar Baby supports families by giving new parents the best choices when it comes to their baby’s first home. Encompassing eight brands with their own growing communities of passionate customers, Million Dollar Baby sought to display real, user-generated content from its fans across social media, advertisements, product and landing pages, and more. To collect and showcase UGC in a way that gave the Million Dollar Baby brands the most creative freedom and customizability, the brand turned to Pixlee TurnTo.

Customizable Widgets Tailored to Customer Experience

Million Dollar Baby maintains its values to deliver the best shopping experience for families by creating customizable widgets in the Pixlee TurnTo platform to let its brands’ site visitors filter on-site UGC based on what types of products they’re interested in. The ability to filter UGC to show specific cribs, for example, helps shoppers visualize owning that product and provides them with style and decor inspiration from real people.

“What I really love is the interactive filters within the website widgets. I think that's one of the more underrated capabilities that Pixlee TurnTo has. I think it's really great in terms of showing our customers and potential customers, ‘This is how we can style certain cribs or gliders, for example.’”

The brand’s team is now able to collect over 2,000 pieces of UGC each month. With many customization options and capabilities within Pixlee TurnTo, Million Dollar Baby’s team looks forward to continuing to explore the brand’s UGC possibilities and get the most out of the platform it can.

“We looked into Curalate and other platforms such as Sprout Social and Meltwater. However, they don't offer the same scheduling capabilities or UGC collecting capabilities as Pixlee TurnTo. So, it was a no-brainer.”

Social Media Strategy and Giveaways

Once Million Dollar Baby automatically pulls in Pixlee TurnTo-powered UGC, its brands’ team members managing social media as well as on-site distribution can schedule content a few weeks in advance. This time management tool allows the team to focus on day-to-day brand responsibilities while providing quality content to its followers.

“UGC has been great in terms of filling out our social media profiles and also helping with digital ads and emails...we just love how it can kind of act as a testimony for other new customers as well.”

This ease of use also lends itself to on-site and social media photo contests to increase customer engagement and garner more UGC. Million Dollar Baby brand DaVinci ran a Mother’s Day contest encouraging fans to share their “real mom moments,” parenting wins or fails, for the chance to win a nursery set. This contest yielded a soaring 33% engagement rate.

Pixlee TurnTo allows the brand to manage UGC in all steps of the marketing process, influencer relationships, social media activity, and campaign-specific data all in one place. Pixlee TurnTo also tracks website visits directly from social media posts, giving Million Dollar Baby a simple way to monitor each of its brands’ success with UGC.

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