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"We love the fact that we're able to see all the content related to Milani in a very organized way – there's a lot of filtering options and we can sort by high or low in terms of followers or engagement! We definitely love the fact that we're able to build an unlimited amount of albums to serve whatever purpose we have. Sometimes we even build albums just to start collecting content on a certain product or a certain season or just to create different themes for an album. And even if we don’t post it anywhere, it’s great for our own organization to look at."
Shelly Nghiem
Ecommerce Marketing Manager


Increase in Average Order Value


Increase in Conversions

How Milani Cosmetics Uses Influencers to Lift Average Order Value by Over 17%

Quality and diversity are two of the hallmarks of Milani Cosmetics, a beauty brand whose that's ‘Here to Fuel your Self-Expression with Products that make the Exclusive Inclusive’. With goals to publish their user-generated content (UGC) across all channels including their third-party marketplace sites like Walmart and boost conversions, the team at Milani Cosmetics needed a solution that would connect across multiple teams and show a measurable lift with their core metrics. To power their influencer discovery, UGC and content syndication, Milani Cosmetics turned to Pixlee TurnTo.

Uncover Up-and-Coming Influencer Talent

Uncovering new and engaging influencers is core to beauty brands looking to champion diversity and engagement with their audience. With Pixlee TurnTo, the Milani Cosmetics team is able to find up and coming influencers who are interested in partnering with the brand to grow together. What’s more – this strategy helps both the digital team and the social team partner together to find the top content and influencer talent as they emerge.

“We have our social team, and they're working with a majority of the influencers, but they’re more focused on larger influencers and celebrity influencers. Sometimes we find the smaller influencers and bring it to their attention – especially if we’ve posted them to the feed before and they get a lot of traction.”

This creates cohesion across the teams, and as a result, builds great relationships with the influencers overall.

“A lot of the smaller influencers that we identify early on are starting to gain more popularity with other brands. Having that relationship early on with Milani is great because we see a lot of recognition as they get bigger they shout out to us organically. And that's really great for the relationship with the influencers.”

By using Pixlee TurnTo to leverage new influencer talent, Milani Cosmetics builds lasting partnerships with their community that also connect their team internally.

Syndicate UGC on

Posting the right content across all shoppable channels is a core feature that Milani Cosmetics needed to boost conversions. With Pixlee TurnTo, Milani Cosmetics is able to feature all their UGC for specific products on each PDP on Walmart, providing a consistent branded appearance across the marketplace.

Boost Site Conversion and Average Order Value Overall with UGC

Not only has UGC brought a more authentic edge to the Milani brand, it's made a noticeable impact on conversions. With Pixlee TurnTo, the Milani team has seen a 17.82% higher average order value and a 2X increase in conversion since implementation.

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