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"When customers visit our website and social media pages, we want to deliver the authentic baseball experience we’re known for. Being able to see our community contribute and share their special moments with their Marucci products is amazing. We strive to welcome even more people into our #MarucciFamily by showing how much we value their loyalty.”
Caleb St. Germain
Social Media Marketing Specialist


Return rate after interacting with Pixlee TurnTo-powered content


Engagement rate in “Level Up” Campaign

How Marucci Knocks Social Media Out of the Park with Pixlee TurnTo

Equipment manufacturer Marucci Sports has championed Major League Baseball gear since the brand began handcrafting wood bats in 2004. Now boasting a variety of baseball and fastpitch products, Marucci has amassed an impressive fanbase of baseball enthusiasts, and its bats are the most used compared to any other brand in MLB. Yearning for a way to connect with its global audience, Marucci’s team needed an all-in-one platform for social media management and user-generated content collection. To harness the brand’s community in an era like none other, Marucci chose Pixlee TurnTo.

Optimizing Social Engagement Through Social Scheduling

One of Marucci’s main objectives was to streamline content scheduling and monitoring across social media channels. With Pixlee TurnTo, the team was able to not only collect ample high-quality UGC across a variety of social media channels, but could also organize a timeline to share that content efficiently while decreasing workload.

“When handling multiple accounts, Pixlee TurnTo makes the workflow smoother with the content publisher. The built-in calendar within Pixlee TurnTo makes for easy access to stay on top of all of the content that’s being published to the accounts. The organization of tags and folders keep relevant content ready and available to be utilized at any time.”- Caleb St. Germain,

Pixlee TurnTo enabled Marucci’s social media team to easily tag specific products from the influx of customer content, making that content easily usable on product pages. Now, the Marucci team easily collects and curates product-specific UGC to share across their social channels. This enables the team to align UGC with product promos – no matter the channel. And this tactic is resonating well with their audience. In the end of August, Marucci customers were 210.7% more likely to return after interacting with Pixlee TurnTo-powered content.

Quarantine-Inspired Social Campaigns

With a keen fanbase and a goal to harness community engagement online, Marucci uses Pixlee TurnTo to design and showcase social media contests directly on its website. In January, the brand had dubbed 2020 the “Year of Defiance” to encourage athletes to defy limits, obstacles, and personal limits going into their season. Once COVID-19 hit and athletes were confined to their homes, Marucci pivoted to their "Level Up" campaign.

“Pixlee TurnTo has been a help during lockdown. The baseball season had recently started when this began, so we got a lot of content from our fans, which is great.” - Caleb St. Germain, Social Media Marketing Specialist

Marucci’s “Level Up” campaign encouraged the brand’s customers to share how they were training at home in early spring. Pixlee TurnTo-managed content in this contest garnered a 21.55% engagement rate.

“We are always looking for ways to engage with and grow our community. The ability to showcase valuable content to customers visiting our website elevates the shopping experience. There’s no better way to show athletes our product than by showing them in the hands of their teammates, or opponents.” - Caleb St. Germain, Social Media Marketing Specialist

With Pixlee TurnTo, the Marucci social team schedules high-engaging UGC across all social channels, while building an even more engaged fanbase. 

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