"Before we used Pixlee TurnTo, we lacked a comprehensive grasp of our data as it pertained to influencer marketing. Since implementing Pixlee TurnTo, we have collected over 1400 permissioned content assets and our reach has grown to around 19 to 25 million every month, thanks to our community."
Carlo Morelli
Chief Operating Officer at Mapiful


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How Mapiful Uses Data to Drive Community

Mapiful is a brand dedicated to helping customers design reminders of their most cherished stories through custom posters. The clean, modern design of these map posters make them an excellent personalized gift, as well. With steep growth goals of 120% year-over-year, and plans to expand its customer base globally, Mapiful needed a solution that would power their user-generated content and help scale their customer's voice.

Driving an Emotional Connection

Mapiful’s value lies in the emotional connection they’ve built with their fanbase. Marketing through the voice of their passionate customers is critical to Mapiful’s success. Through Pixlee TurnTo, Mapiful is able to showcase their happiest customers, but also optimize every creative decision through rich data.

“We're a super emotional company, we're all about community, and we're all about storytelling. Our customers are the soul, but in the back end, we're digital marketers and very data-driven. So it's really about balancing these two aspects of the company all the time and facing the consumer in one way, and the backend being pragmatic, analytical and data-driven.”

Mapiful site visitors were 115% more likely to return to the site after interacting with Pixlee TurnTo. What's more – Mapiful's team witnessed an increase in conversions from Pixlee TurnTo content, further backing the emotional connection they were driving with their customers.

Scalability and Agility Through Content to Grow

As the Mapiful team grew from four to twelve people, they needed to find a way to agilely collect and share permissioned content to keep growing their business. With Pixlee TurnTo they were able to find the perfect solution that gave them the ability to share their content internally across the entire organization.

“Pixlee TurnTo powers our UGC and helps us with our scalable mentality. We used to have a nonscalable way to collect and navigate content. So it was a challenge in the past to collect all the content and boost awareness internally. Pixlee TurnTo has really played a role internally, especially in having everyone aware of the content that we have every week, and everyone being able to log in and permission the content that they need.”

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