“Before partnering with Pixlee TurnTo, we would only receive 25 reviews a day. Pixlee TurnTo has helped us generate a generous amount of feedback from our consumers, which helps us make intelligent choices in picking partners and vendors.”
Vishal Arora
Digital Product & User Experience, LuckyVitamin


Increase in Add-To-Cart Rate


Increase in Review Submission Rate

Health and wellness retailer LuckyVitamin helps customers reach their wellness goals through natural products and knowledge. Providing a selection of goods from over 2000 brands in addition to private label products, the LuckyVitamin team needed a ratings and reviews solution that went above and beyond to reap ecommerce benefits. Ultimately, LuckyVitamin chose TurnTo.

Growing Sales With Review Incentives (RI)

LuckyVitamin uses Pixlee TurnTo review incentives to grow review coverage for specific products. With this program, LuckyVitamin offers targeted, high-value incentives to encourage reviews for new products. The first five reviews on LuckyVitamin products yield a 20% increase in add-to-cart rate, and the following five yield a 10% increase, on average.

“The incremental conversion impact we see from going from 0 to 5 reviews, and then 5 to 10 reviews proves how the early review incentive program has been a nice tool in our repertoire.”

The team significantly expanded its private-label catalog in 2020 and is focused on getting each new product in its private-label catalog to at least five reviews because of this success. By sharing genuine, positive sentiment from customers, LuckyVitamin showcases its brand values associated with their community and top-notch products.

“We really pride ourselves on the quality of the product we provide. We've worked hard to make sure our products are high quality at a consumer-friendly price. In order to bridge that divide, we’re able to market the authentic customer voice through the review incentive program, which has been really powerful.”

Community Feedback to Establish Trust

Pixlee TurnTo’s flexible messaging and full customizability lets LuckyVitamin maintain its unique brand voice when launching review collection campaigns. The company saw a 150% increase in review rate from review solicitation emails (RSE) with Pixlee TurnTo, and uses feedback from its community to improve its product selection and customer purchase confidence.

“Consumers come to us wanting to establish trust. They want to know that the product they’re about to purchase will meet their overall need to fulfill their health and lifestyle goals.”

Showcasing Checkout Comments — buyers’ answers to why they purchased a product — also proves beneficial in boosting social proof for products lacking a high review count.

“Pixlee TurnTo’s programs work well. The technology works perfectly and the integration was seamless. I’m definitely a fan.”

Looking ahead, LuckyVitamin plans to continue growing its partnerships and private label catalogue with Pixlee TurnTo as a valuable ecommerce asset.

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