"With Pixlee TurnTo we can collect all the content – not just from influencers, but from everyday customers who incorporate our products into their looks. It makes it so easy to see everything that's going on socially – no matter who is posting."
Cynthia Elena Kerguelen Correa
Community Planner


Increase in purchase rate with Pixlee TurnTo


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Increase in time spent on-site with Pixlee TurnTo

Leonisa Connects Their Global Audience with Pixlee TurnTo

Leonisa is a global innerwear company with over 60 years of experience in creating high-tech designs that offer comfort, shape, durability, and built-in confidence. As a prominent brand in the space, Leonisa’s fanbase extends across nine countries and a diverse group of brand fans. To continue to grow their ecommerce program across every locale with community and influencer content, the team at Leonisa turned to Pixlee TurnTo.

Along with content amplification using Pixlee TurnTo, Leonisa also deployed Zinrelo’s loyalty rewards program. The loyalty program helps the brand to engage with customers at multiple touchpoints by rewarding points for a plethora of activities like referrals, social shares, and account creation. Further, Leonisa gamified their loyalty program by adding exciting tiers and offered different rewards catering to the customer segments and preferences. This led to exclusivity and genuine affinity towards the brand.

The Intersection of Influencer Marketing and Social Proof

With a focus on authenticity, the team at Leonisa works closely with influencers to create social proof for their products. But the Leonisa team discovered that social proof works well beyond social channels with Pixlee TurnTo.

“We wanted an easier way to add more social content to build trust for the brand. With a social gallery on our website, we communicate our new audience that we are a brand that many people around the world love.” - Cynthia Elena Kerguelen Correa

This strategy is working well for the team at Leonisa. Site visitors are 273% more likely to return after interacting with Pixlee content. This social proof across all localized versions of their site brings consumers closer to the brand and keeps interested visitors coming back to the site.

Localization of User-Generated Content, Language and Currency

One of the unique reasons why Leonisa chose Pixlee TurnTo was the global capabilities of the platform. Making sure the content is region-specific and deployed correctly per each location is no small task for the team, until they found Pixlee TurnTo.

“We have 12 locales and 3 languages, so we immediately had to dismiss half of the four vendors we were considering because they lacked global functionality. Because Pixlee TurnTo can manage multiple languages and locales, that allowed us to connect all product feeds, which is important because each country has a different portfolio. If we’re able to connect every feed, and we get an image featuring a product that maybe 8 out of the 12 locales have, then the same image is going to show on the page for each of those 8 locales. So that’s a big win – to be able to have an image from one country shown on the pages for various countries.” -Victor Yacaman Farah

This automation helps the team save time and derive the most value out of the user-generated content. Customers who interact with this diverse global content are 1.85 times more like to purchase than those who didn’t, creating an instant lift for the brand.

Ambassadors and Influencers to Bridge Digital and In-Person

Leonisa is a truly community-driven brand that combines branded content with influencer content – but they are also expanding their community-driven marketing efforts with a newly launched ambassador program.

“Pixlee.me really caught our attention because we recently launched an ambassador program. With Pixlee.me we’re able to approve people to participate in the ambassador program and easily create galleries for our influencers and ambassadors.” -Cynthia Elena Kerguelen Correa

As this program grows, one thing remains clear for Leonisa: there are few limits to the ways that Pixlee TurnTo can be used across their digital channels to engage and interest their audience.

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